Christmas Shopping with Zalando

I’ve turned into an armchair shopper I have to say.  A good part of my weekend was spent in my jimjams perusing online sites for those all illusive perfect Christmas gifts.  No traipsing round the shops with a million other shoppers.  No frizzy hair walking around in this November drizzle.  No juggling heavy bags, and umbrella, and car keys.

Just a comfy chair, my comfiest clothes, a laptop, a cup of hot chocolate and a credit card.  Bliss.

zalando christmas gifts 1

The best websites are the ones that cater for all ages and tastes I’m finding otherwise delivery charges can creep up and bite the unwary.  It’s best to order as much as possible from one site and there are so many of them out there but I already have a few favourites.

zalando christmas gifts 2

And while I’m at it I’m bookmarking all of those things I’d like Santa to bring me too.  I think it’s only fair to give loved ones a good idea to help them along, don’t you agree?

zalando christmas gifts 3

All products shown, available from Zalando.

November 13, 2013



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