Choosing the Right Flooring for your Home

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Quickstep flooring - LIVYN PULSE Sundown Pine

The floors in any home take up the most area of space after the walls and ceiling. Why am I telling you something you already know? Well, because you’d be surprised how many home owners treat it as an afterthought. When it should in fact, be one of the first things considered in any decorating scheme. Yes, even before what colour to paint the walls and ceiling.

So, how do you go about choosing the right flooring for your home, your decorating preferences, and your budget?

You probably already have in mind a look that you have been secretly admiring. Maybe it was an image on Pinterest, a home in a magazine article or even the floor in a favourite restaurant. As a general rule the lighter the floor colour the more airy and contemporary a room will look. Lighter colours also make a room appear larger, while darker colours have the opposite effect. Dark floors however do create amazing contrasts especially when walls are kept bright and white.

I have teamed up with flooring trend-setter Quick-Step to bring you tips to creating your perfect interior, from the floor up.

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Which style? Which floor?

Then there is the effect you are trying to create. Do you want your room to look modern and art gallery-like, warm and traditional-looking, edgy and industrial, or natural and homely? Flooring really can make all kinds of statements.

And once you have sorted out colour, look and texture, what kind of floor is best for your home and your budget?

wood floor,contemporary white kitchen

Engineered wood has all the beauty of real wood without the up-keep. Here a dark, textured floor from the Imperio Collection has been contrasted with a white contemporary kitchen and stainless steel.

Quick-Step hardwood floors (as opposed to solid wood) are engineered wood floors made up of three layers of wood, including a solid wood top layer covered with a protective finish. Thanks to the careful selection of raw material and a perfect control of the moisture content of the wood during the manufacturing process, these floors can guarantee optimum stability and durability. They have all the glory of a solid wood floor without the post-installation work. No dust, sanding, oiling or painting. Perfect for a luxurious effect.

industrial,dining room,laminate flooring

Laminate flooring can withstand all of the wear and tear of family life. Here different coloured boards from the Quick-Step Impressive Collection have been combined to create an edgy, industrial looking dining room scheme with factory lighting and mis-matched chairs.

A Quick-Step laminate floor is a multi-layered floor built around a High Density Fibre (HDF) board core with a resin top-layer. It will be resistant to stains, wear, impact, scratches, burns and household chemicals, and the colour will not fade. It will be easy to keep clean, and because it’s used in conjunction with an underlay it will produce a pleasant solid real wood flooring sound. An ideal choice for family homes with children, pets and all the subsequent heavy traffic.

conservatory,vinyl flooring,brick wall

A luxury vinyl floor is perfect for a conservatory as it’s totally waterproof. The dark wood-effect of this LIVYN Pulse floor is the perfect choice for creating a rustic look and goes perfectly with the bare bricks, rattan furniture and plants.

A Quick-Step luxury vinyl floor (LIVYN) is a synthetic floor featuring a durable surface layer as well as an ultra-protective PU coating, which makes it ideal for spaces that are used intensively. In fact, LIVYN floors are so strong that you get at least 20 years of warranty. They are 100% waterproof too which makes them perfect for bathrooms, while exceptional stability in LIVYN Pulse also makes these ideal for areas subject to intense heat such as conservatories and sun rooms.

This post was written in partnership with Quick-Step, one of the top players in the flooring industry. The brand has evolved from being an affordable alternative to wood to a category in its own right, bringing a wide variety of design floors that are swift and easy to install and maintain in every situation.


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