Chic and Affordable Ideas for Small Space Living

This is a project that has recently been completed by Casa 100 Architecture. It’s a tiny apartment that the client wanted to transform into a simple cosy home with light and atmosphere. A tall order. So, to get more natural light into the social area, a second bedroom has been removed by the designers and transformed into a TV room which is now open to the dining room and kitchen. But there are lots of other ideas here for small space living that can be adopted and used. And a few that can even work for rented accommodation without upsetting the landlord.

Chic and Affordable Ideas for Small Space Living


A galley style kitchen is a reality in a lot of small homes. They are especially problematic when they are not wide enough to accommodate regular sized units on either side. This can often result in units on one side facing a blank wall, which wastes a lot of space and storage opportunities. Here the designers have put the appliances in a row on one side and cut down the units and worktop on the other side by half. It still affords a lot of frankly more accessible storage under the worktop, and plenty of preparation space on top.

Chic and Affordable Ideas for Small Space Living

A breakfast bar at one end of the kitchen provides more workable space and a handy place to sit for breakfast, or just to chat to the cook. Every inch of space has been utilized, including the end of the units for books and decorative items.

Chic and Affordable Ideas for Small Space Living


Changing the lighting in a space is something that a lot of people shy away from. Even if you just have a single bulb hanging from a central pendant there is still much that can be done with floor and table lamps. Here however, the designers have used metal conduit to place ceiling lights and even wall lights exactly where they are needed. This is so much easier than hacking into the plaster to hide wires and then re-plastering the damage. And so much less expensive. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but its industrial looking aesthetic is modern and actually adds character to this box-like apartment.

Chic and Affordable Ideas for Small Space Living


There are also some ingenious storage ideas here. Particularly behind the sofa which is often wasted space. Here a shelf provides a place to lean artwork and place personal items, while the side is handy for books. This is a good solution for rented accommodation where nails in the wall could be a problem, and it also means that the display can be changed easily. A sofa bed here would be a good idea for occasional guests too.

Chic and Affordable Ideas for Small Space Living

Cupboards have been kept shallow so as not to take up too much floor space, and shelves have been erected above the cabinets so as not to waste any wall space. They are also on legs which is a good trick to give the illusion of more space.

Chic and Affordable Ideas for Small Space Living

In the bathroom, the mirror doubles as storage and there is a rail for a towel and a shelf under the basin. Both are practical solutions when space is short but neither are too boxy, which would make the room look smaller.

Chic and Affordable Ideas for Small Space Living

Even the metal shelving rack in the dining area is full of books but doesn’t look heavy or cumbersome. It also continues the slightly industrial look of the lighting conduits.


A light and airy scheme has been achieved with a mostly white palette but it does not look dull. Most of the furniture is light coloured too which gives the impression of space. The beautiful parquet flooring adds warmth and the patterned tiles in the kitchen, and the rug add pattern. More interest has been added with the many plants, the books and the decorative objects that give a clue to the personality of the owners.

Chic and Affordable Ideas for Small Space Living


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  1. Reply

    Alison North

    April 26, 2019

    Thanks for those brilliant ideas that make smaller spaces big and airy. Light colored furniture also gives an impression of space in otherwise smaller rooms.

  2. Reply

    Stacey Sheppard

    April 12, 2019

    I really like the idea of using metal conduit to position the lighting where you want it. What a great idea. Lots of good ideas here.

    • Reply


      April 12, 2019

      It looks good doesn’t it. 🙂


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