Cherubs and Trees – New Wall Murals from An Angel At My Table

I have so many walls to cover in the new home that I’m being drawn to large-scale wall murals as an alternative to wallpaper and artwork. Why not combine the two I say! And being a new build it could do with some atmosphere and character.

So, I was having a little mosey on the website of An Angel At My Table – one of my all time favourites by the way – and they had a couple of new frescos that caught my eye. At first I thought the cherubs would be a good choice for the bedroom. Kinda soft and romantic and oozing pastels.

Cherubs wall mural from An Angel at my Table

And then I saw the trees.  A slice of England as if captured by the Old Masters. Pastoral scenes, rolling mists and magical intrigues.

Trees wall mural from An Angel at my Table

And then I saw all of the other products that had been styled in front of this woodland glade.

An Angel at my Table

Oh, my giddy aunt, I’m in love.


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    Alexa Rodriguez

    July 10, 2014

    I love the use of moss! Well, this is artistic and something very pleasant. I can sit and stare in such walls for hours and nothing on earth can interrupt the smooth course of our communication 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, a wonderful idea.


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