Check Mate with a Stylish Black and White Floor

My love affair with anything black and white knows no bounds. And there’s something extremely stylish about a black and white floor. It’s a true classic but also very of-the-moment too. It can be used to easily create a timeless interior and works effortlessly with all styles of property, from rustic country home to city apartment. In fact I’d go so far to say, that you could start your scheme with the floor and continue upwards. It will work every time. Plus. A black and white floor will work with all tastes too. Whether you favour a slick contempory finish or a more bohemian and eclectic interior. You simply can’t go wrong.

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Take a Look in the Bathroom

Check Mate with a Stylish Black and White Floor

Heritage Squares LVT Flooring from Harvey Maria

Whilst there are endless pattern combinations and designs, the chequer board is the simplest and most iconic. The white tiles reflect the light and the black tiles absorb it, creating a bold statement. Sticking to a monochrome colour scheme creates a very dramatic, tailored look, but if that’s a little too severe other materials can be added to soften the appearance. Accents of marble and luxe metallics can make a bathroom feel very feminine – and indoor greenery will instantly soothe the soul. Organic materials, like wood and stone, can also be used for a more contemporary, more rustic feel.

Check Mate with a Stylish Black and White Floor

London Funk Compass Tiles from The Baked Tile Company

If you’re planning a bathroom from scratch, the angles of your bath and basin – in combination with the tiles – will steer the design. Straight edges will give a more masculine feel, whilst the introduction of some curvaceous lines will, again, soften – be it with a roll top bath or a circular mirror.

In the Kitchen

Check Mate with a Stylish Black and White Floor

Unglazed Victorian Hexagon Tiles from Walls and Floors

The current trend for industrial style kitchens just begs for a black and white floor. The graphic pattern of the floor tiles echo the black framed factory style window and add pattern in an otherwise plain space. The glazed white wall tiles soften the effect of the black and white lines and rough-hewn wood, white the abundant greenery creates an almost indoor/outdoor conservatory feel.

Check Mate with a Stylish Black and White Floor

Victorian Floor Tiles from Original Style

Adding a chequeboard floor to a sleek contempory space also adds some welcome pattern. Laying the tiles diagonally counterbalances all of the horizontal lines created by the worktops, wall tiles and shelves on the walls. The Victorian origin of this type of black and white floor is in beautiful contrast to the modern lines of the rest of the kitchen.

Check Mate with a Stylish Black and White Floor

Image courtesy of Annie Sloan

For an injection of colour, black and white floors also work with other strong hues such as red, orange and blue. Primary colours work exceptionally well, but swap out the boldness with pastel shades and a whole different scheme can be created.

Check Mate with a Stylish Black and White Floor

Check Slate from Harvey Maria

In a hallway, a black and white floor can be all the pattern that is needed. It compliments the period details of traditional style homes and creates interest in spaces that lack character.

Check Mate with a Stylish Black and White Floor

Neisha Crosland Parquet Charcoal Vinyl Flooring from Harvey Maria

If all-over pattern is too much, you can always create a rug-like effect with patterned tiles. A dark border (in this case wood-effect) will create contrast and tone down the boldness of the design. It’s a good choice in rooms that are less utilitarian, but still need the practicality that a tiled floor provides.

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