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Reflections and Resolutions

Are you enjoying the snow my lovelies?
Just this time last week I was enjoying the balmy weather and blue skies on Gran Canaria.  And I have to say relishing the luxury of the 5* Sheraton Salobre courtesy of a very good deal on Secret Escapes.

It really was a time…

Splendid Seville

As the temperatures plummeted this weekend it seemed like a good idea to sort out my snaps of Seville.  If you haven’t been yet, you absolutely must!
It was only a few weeks ago but the temperatures there were still like summer.  Hot, sunny days and warm balmy nights.  It’s…

Dreaming of a Deep Blue Sky

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be in the Greek Islands right now!

Just a few days.  Well maybe a week?  To just sit and stare. 

To wake up in crisp white sheets with a view of the Aegean…

to stare at it all day..

and all evening…

and into the night.
Oh, what I wouldn’t…