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I Spy – Fornasetti……….

Ok, so I am a bit slow on the uptake and this image has been around since the 1940’s but I am suddenly infatuated with the beautiful face of Lina Cavalieri.

Busy Being Fabulous

Plate from La Maison Couture


Milk Concept Boutique

Cole and Son

Love Frankie


La Maison Couture

Coasters from Milk Concept Boutique
Do you love…

I Spy – Tesco Home……….

I must say I’m very impressed lately with the things you can pick up from one of our favourite high street stores.
And the pr shots are just lovely…

I’d be very happy to have any one of these on my mantlepiece.

And the punched bronze frames and crocodile effect frames look great…

Inspiration – Mercury Glass……….

I just love the look of mercury glass.
It seems to satisfy both my magpie instincts for anything silver and shiny and my love of anything glass.  To have both in the same precious object is somehow much more than the sum of two parts.  And to have a collection…

I Spy – Forbidden City Chinese Furniture……….

I chanced upon the website of Forbidden City Ltd at the weekend and was immediately smitten.
Inspired by furniture from the Ming Dynasty (1369-1644) but re-interperated in a fresh new way.  These gorgeous new designs have used the decorative features, traditions and cultural elements of the centuries old furniture that is kept…

I Spy – Laura Olivia……….

These beautiful fabric and wallpaper designs are by Laura Olivia.

The exquisite patterns begin life as watercolour paintings, sketches or photographic images…

…which are then combined with digital printing technology and traditional
embroidery techniques in bold striking colours.

And not just wallpapers and fabrics either.  Complementary cushions and lampshades are also available on her…

I do like to be beside the Seaside……..

It’s been a crazy busy week this week.  Deadlines looming, lots of meetings and not one, but two photo shoots for Heart Home magazine.
And one of them was at the seaside!

…tiddly om pom pom!
If you’re buying:1. Hunkydory Home, 2. Bouf, 3. Digitex, 4. The Contemporary Home, 5. Gifts from Handpicked, 6. The…

I Spy – Anna Dove……….

I came across Anna Dove’s work recently and was immediately

Her printed and hand-painted wallpapers and fabrics are
achingly beautiful.

It’s no surprise to learn that she trained in classical
painting and textiles and since launching in 2006 she has already won many

I’m completely won over!

I Spy – Helen Musselwhite……….

Have you seen the work of Helen Musselwhite?

Distinctive, highly creative miniatures of the natural
world, made entirely from paper.

Each piece combines hand cutting, folding and scoring in a
wide range of papers and card and then the paper is manipulated to create pattern and
surface texture.

And then she uses them to build…