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I Spy – Harlequin Towels from Christy……….

It’s always nice when some gorgeous images just land in your in-box.
Look what I got today…

Beautiful photographs from Harlequin who have joined forces with Christy to produce some luxurious towels derived from three of their best selling fabrics. 

Each design is available in three colourways which work individually or mixed together. …

I Spy – Denise O’Sullivan……….

I’ve been a fan of Denise O’Sullivan for like ‘ever’ but for some reason I’ve never featured her on ‘I Spy’ before.  Well today I am going to re-dress that balance.

She is based in Staffordshire, the home of English pottery and her collections of the finest Bone China, English…

Obsessed with Marilyn Monroe……….

I’ve always been obsessed.  Ever since I was a little girl.  It’s always so tragic when someone so beautiful and talented dies young.
And she was so very beautiful.
And it seems her popularity will never die.  At the Grand Designs Live show last week she was as much in evidence…

I Spy – Liquidesign……….

One of the products that caught my eye last weekend at Grand Designs Live was the Bagalight from Liquidesign.

So simple yet effective.

“The idea for the Bagalight was born through wanting to create a product using an everyday item that normally wouldn’t be considered to have any real value. By…

An Evening with Cavaliero Finn……….

On Friday night I attended the opening of the Cavaliero Finn open house, which is part of the Dulwich Festival, where 200 artists in over 150 locations across Dulwich and surrounding areas are opening their homes and studios,  giving a unique opportunity to see an incredible array of art…

Hotels – Casa de Madrid……….

Another weekend is upon us my lovelies.  It must be all of, what is it, four days since the last one?  And this is where I’d like to be jetting off to.
The Casa de Madrid.  Set on the second floor of an 18th century palacio, this former regal apartment…

I Spy – Flavor Paper……….

I love wallpaper!  And I’ve just chanced upon Flavor Paper and their incredible range of designs from floral, to funky, to, would you believe scratch and sniff?

Located in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn and with a full hand screened printing process, the Flavor Lab houses a darkroom, screen etching…

I Spy – Curiousa and Curiousa……….

Esther Patterson is the company founder of Curiousa & Curiousa.
In her own words ‘It’s important to me that my business is built on integrity.  I not only enjoy the making process myself but also like to build relationships with other skilled people who are keeping traditional skills alive.  If…

I Spy – Geraldine Larkin……….

Geraldine Larkin specialises in bespoke hand embroidery.

With 20 years of experience, designing and producing hand embroidery for leading International fashion houses, her company now produces exquisite products for the home too.

Her skilled artisans, based in London, are using techniques that have been passed down through the generations but the…

I Spy – Margo Selby……….

Margo Selby is a designer with a very distinctive style.

Her fabrics, wall coverings, rugs, and soft furnishings are colourful without being brash.  Luxurious without being too opulent. 

Indeed, the beautiful colour combinations have a rich subtlety which makes them perfect I think, for all kinds of interiors.  Both traditional and modern.