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I Spy – Helen Musselwhite……….

Have you seen the work of Helen Musselwhite?

Distinctive, highly creative miniatures of the natural
world, made entirely from paper.

Each piece combines hand cutting, folding and scoring in a
wide range of papers and card and then the paper is manipulated to create pattern and
surface texture.

And then she uses them to build…

I Spy – Louise Body Tile Wallpaper……….

I love these fun wallpapers from Louise Body.

Launched earlier this year, there are 7 decorative tile designs which incorporate ideas from original Victorian tiles with Louise’s photographs and delicate drawings of flowers.  All enhanced by her own muted colour palette.

They are printed onto paper that is robust enough to…

I Spy – House of Hackney……….

Fun, irreverent and playful. I love the prints, furniture and accessories from House of Hackney.
Once described as ‘Colefax and Fowler on acid’…

what appears to be quite traditional at first glance soon transpires to be grungy chintzed florals in the Dalston Rose collection…

badgers drinking cocktails and sloths smoking the hookah in…

I Spy – Riviera Maison……….

One of the nicest things about Amsterdam last weekend was the opportunity to indulge in a little window shopping.  Sometimes we spend so much time online that we forget the simple pleasure of browsing… 
Of discovering new shops. 

That little quickening of the heartbeat when we see a window display that…

G’Day Clancy’s Fish Bar……….

Clancy’s Fish Pub in Perth, Western Australia just makes me smile.
Situated overlooking the sand dunes of City Beach, the architect Paul Burnham was given a very tight deadline and an even tighter budget to turn a large uninspiring building into a colourful, family friendly pub.

It’s certainly colourful! 

The project was actually completed…

I Spy – Yas-Ming Ceramics……….

I saw these at Pulse London yesterday and I thought they were cute.

A collaboration between Yasmin Dilekkaya and Ming Wai Sun who work together to create cups and bowls adorned with a selection of animal heads…..and bums.

The bathing cow is my favourite and the chopstick rests manage to look…

Dark Wonderland……….

A new location has been added to the 1st Option website and I couldn’t wait to share.

Appropriately titled ‘Wonderland’, it’s a stunning combination of gold and black with pops of red and pink.  Even the ceilings have been given a coat of black paint which just helps to make…