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Colour Palette: Warm and Neutral

A neutral colour palette doesn’t have to mean bland and boring. In fact it can be as cosy and comforting as a home filled with colour. Just a little easier on the eye. So if you are craving a calm and sophisticated interior, there are just a few design…

Sundance Villa by MindTheGap

Minimalists should look away now, but the Sundance Villa collection by Mindthegap is giving me all of the summer vibes.
Evocative and individual, Sundance Villa is inspired by all aspects of the sunny Mediterranean. The collection covers three broad themes. From the moorish tiles seen in both interiors and  exteriors,…

A Rustic-Luxe Sitting Room and How to Get The Look

Some of the most interesting decorating schemes are the ones that combine a mixture of two opposites. And that couldn’t be more true than the current rustic-luxe trend. Chunky beams, low ceilings and dark wood floors, can look sensational juxtaposed with plush velvet, silky rugs and elegant potted orchids….

A Garden Room for All Seasons

This past few weeks I’ve added another ‘must-have’ to my ever-growing list of things for the new house. A garden room for all seasons. It’s not a new wish to be honest, but one that’s been brought to the fore by the appalling weather this spring. When we built…

A Place for Plants and Plants in Their Place

This post was originally published on 13th December 2019. Updated and republished on 19th May 2021.
It’s a well know fact nowadays that houseplants bring pleasure and satisfaction to our home as well as promoting benefits of well-being and relaxation. And styling with plants has become a bit of a…