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Heart Home magazine – February 2015

The February 2015 issue of Heart Home magazine is out now my lovelies.

This issue has two inspirational homes, oodles of decorating ideas, Spring shopping pages to tempt you, and all of the usual features. My favourites have to be the special recipe for Valentines day and the extract from…

Heart Home magazine – January 2015

The January issue of Heart Home magazine is now available to read online!

Full of the usual inspiring homes that are sure to get your creative juices flowing for the Spring diy season. I know they have mine!

I’m particularly loving the plant filled home of fellow blogger Igor Josef. His…

Heart Home mag – December 2014

The super festive December issue of Heart Home mag is out now my lovelies!

And it’s packed full of inspiration for decorating the house, buying gifts, wrapping, and of course baking. In fact, everything you need to get you organised for Christmas.

Our decorating feature takes it’s inspiration from Scandinavia but…

Heart Home magazine – November 2014

The November issue of Heart Home magazine is now out.

Don’t you just love this cosy corner on the cover?
It’s in the home of one of our regular photographers, Paul Craig, and we had such a good day poking around his London home while he did all of the hard…

Heart Home magazine – September 2014

The new issue of Heart Home magazine has now hit the virtual shelves my lovelies!

We are so proud of this issue which also coincides with our third anniversary. Can you believe that? It’s absolutely packed with everything we love, including a very special peek into the home of Sarah…

Heart Home magazine – August 2014

The last of the summer issues of Heart Home magazine is now out my lovelies.

My favourite feature has to be ‘Act of Devotion’ above and below. A former ‘tin’ chapel that has been turned into a fascinating home using just salvaged items and scrap. Owner Nick Kenny admits that…

Heart Home magazine – July 2014

The July issue is now out my lovelies.

I’m particularly fond of this cover. It’s a detail that we took in the home of Craig Masson and I’m kinda fond of skulls but instead of looking macabre these ones just looked pretty, especially with that gorgeous mirror as a backdrop….

Heart Home magazine – June 2014

Hello my lovelies. The June issue of Heart Home magazine is now live!

It’s the first of our three summer issues and we hope you love it as much as we do.
As you can probably tell from the cover photograph we have a very colourful feature with some very easy…

Heart Home magazine, May 2014

The May issue is now out my lovelies.

In celebration of late spring it is full of sunny images including the homes of Kate Watson-Smyth (Mad about the House) and Ilaria Chiaratti (IDA Interior Lifestyle). We also have some lovely shopping ideas featuring abstract watercolours and the most divine cheesecake…