Captured Florals Mural by Emmeline Kellett

Florals Mural - hauntingly beautiful murals from Surface View

You know when something catches your eye, and you have to go back for a second look? And then you stare, and stare? Because you can’t quite get over how anyone could create something that hauntingly beautiful. Well, maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about, but that was my reaction when I first saw the Captured Florals mural by Emmeline Kellett. It’s available from Surface View and is part of their latest edit: Abstraction. The collection has been curated by the very talented Interiors Stylist, Sania Pell, in collaboration with Texprint – an organisation that supports the créme of textile graduates from the UK’s world renowned art schools. The collection mixes diverse styles drawn together for their eye-catching and innovative techniques, but the work of Emmeline Kellett is what definitely attracted my attention.

Florals Mural - hauntingly beautiful murals from Surface View

So now you know that Emmeline is young and at the very start of her career. And that makes her work all the more extraordinary for me. She is a Masters graduate of the Royal Collage of Art, specialising in knitted textiles with an experimental approach to pushing the boundaries of the discipline. Her collections use “imaginative layering of manipulative techniques and processes” which I’m not even going to pretend to understand. But that doesn’t matter, because you don’t have to understand the process to appreciate the beauty.

Florals Mural - hauntingly beautiful murals from Surface View

And you can see that the Captured Florals mural is beautiful. Like a masterpiece accidentally uncovered during a renovation. Faded at the edges, as if unfinished. Showing some signs of age, but still vibrant in places. Hinting at a history that is tantalizingly beyond reach. And far too precious to cover again. Fanciful? Maybe.

But Wait There’s More

floral cushions to complement the murals

Emmeline’s designs can also be found on cushions and lampshades. Priced from £65 for cushions and £90 for lampshades.

Mural from £185 from Surface View.

February 27, 2017