Bloggers Brunch and Autumn Flowers

autumn flowers the BloomonUK way

autumn flowers

There can’t be many nicer ways of spending a Saturday morning than chatting with the girls, and arranging flowers. So when Houzz UK invited me to their fabulous offices for brunch last weekend, followed by a workshop with Bloomon UK, who was I to say no.

autumn flowers the BloomonUK way

It you’re not already familiar with Houzz UK, they are a platform and community for anyone interested in home renovation and design. They bring together home-owners and home professionals, and provide a visual feast of interior and garden photographs for anyone looking for inspiration. So whether you are starting a complete kitchen redesign or just looking for a few unusual accessories to provide the finishing touches to your bedroom, you will no doubt find what you’re looking for. As well as the perfect architect, designer or contractor to help you fulfil your dreams.

A bloggers brunch with Houzz UK

Before last Saturday I was already aware of Bloomon UK, but didn’t quite appreciate their ‘less is more’ philosophy. They believe flowers are beautiful and deserve to be seen, so their spacious designs allow each individual flower the chance to breathe – and shine. Each of their bouquets consists of seasonal flowers (only one of each specimen in each bouquet), that are delivered directly straight from the growers. You decide what size of bouquet you want, and when you want it (weekly, fortnightly or monthly – it’s up to you), and it will be delivered to your door. And the selection will be a complete surprise every time. How lovely would that be? Like getting a surprise gift.

Autumn flowers the Bloomon UK way

Autumn Flowers the Bloomon Way

autumn flowers the bloomon uk way


Use only a couple of inches of water in the bottom of the vase. Too much water will drown the plant. An exception to this is woody stems which can deal with more water.

Change the water every 2 to 3 days. Use the flower food provided the first time and after that a drop or two of bleach in the water will kill bacteria and keep your blooms healthy for longer.

autumn flowers the bloomon uk way


Don’t put your flowers in direct sunlight as this will shorten their life.

Don’t put your flowers near fruit.

Don’t put your flowers in a draft.

autumn flowers the bloomon uk way


Cut the stems at an angle.

Woody stems should be cut with a vertical slit to allow more water to be absorbed.

Take off all leaves and thorns that will be below the lip of the vase.

autumn flowers the bloomon uk way

Arranging Tips

Start with the strongest, woodiest stems and start building a tepee, turning the vase round as you go.

Once you have built a strong structure of stems in the vase start pointing some stems downwards to make it look more interesting visually.

The tepee will support the more delicate flowers that might otherwise be damaged by the lip of the vase.



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    geraldine ta

    October 26, 2016

    Such pretty photos. Lovely to see you there. x

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      October 27, 2016

      You too Geraldine x


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