Blinded by the Quality of The Shade

Dear Designer's Country Cottage - Duette Blinds by Luxaflex (2)

I have to admit that when we were working out the budget for the country cottage, the window treatments were way down low on the list of priorities. I didn’t want anything elaborate anyway, and in my mind simple (in other words, cheap) roller blinds were the way to go. I certainly wasn’t thinking of made-to-measure. Thank goodness Luxaflex stepped in and suggested we try their Duette® shades instead.

Dear Designer's Country Cottage - Duette Blinds by Luxaflex (6)

Duette® shades have a unique honeycomb design, that traps air and helps you insulate your home all year round. This wasn’t something I was considering at all, but now I know that it’s going to be a godsend in a cottage that may go un-heated for some weeks during the winter. Well, hopefully not. Hopefully it’s going to be fully booked, every week of the year, but you never know. Not only do these blinds keep the heat in, they also keep the heat our during the summer, and again, not something I was thinking I’d have a problem with until I realised that our south-facing bedroom and living room are suntraps in the summer.

Dear Designer's Country Cottage - Duette Blinds by Luxaflex (1)

There’s a choice of transparency when you order them which enables you to have more privacy in the rooms that need it. I actually went for the least transparent shade for every room – not because privacy is ever a problem with no neighbours overlooking us but just out of personal preference. The light still shines through, but it’s softly diffused.

Dear Designer's Country Cottage - Duette Blinds by Luxaflex (5)

It was a lovely surprise also when the shades arrived to find that due to the double layer of fabric, they were my preferred shade of grey on the inside, but white on the outside. I couldn’t have designed them better myself. I wanted grey to go with the interior decor, but it’s lovely looking at the house from the outside and seeing matching white blinds at every window.

Dear Designer's Country Cottage - Duette Blinds by Luxaflex (3)

Which brings me to my next favourite feature of the shades. There’s no cords to pull and no spring loaded mechanism to grapple with and break. When you want the shades up, you simply move them up. And when you want them down….well you get the picture. Makes life so much more enjoyable when my interior OCD kicks in and I have to rush round making sure that the shades are the exact same distance from the top of the window in every room.

I did I mention how much my BF loved them? For the simple reason that they were a dream to hang.

Dear Designer's Country Cottage - Duette Blinds by Luxaflex (4)

I think you can kinda tell that I’m over the moon with these Duette® shades. They have surpassed my expectations and have added a level of luxury to the cottage that I never expected. Next time I mention simple, cheap roller blinds, wash my mouth out.

The Luxaflex Duette® blinds in this post were supplied FOC, but all views and opinions are entirely mine, as always.

Brimstone Cottage is available to rent for short breaks here.

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  1. Reply


    June 21, 2016

    They look absolutely lovely! Really does mean a lot to get good quality on things like blinds.

    • Reply


      June 21, 2016

      You’re absolutely right Jo 🙂

  2. Reply

    Stacey Sheppard

    June 8, 2016

    I am so confused by window treatments. I need new blinds in all my rooms but I really don’t know what to go for. These look really lovely though. I really like the idea of not having cords as they can be so dangerous with little kids around. I love the way the light looks through these too. Think I may have to check these out.

    • Reply


      June 9, 2016

      I would recommend them Stacey. They look much better than my pictures. Still working out how to shoot into the light haha x


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