Benjamin Moore Paint now Available in the UK

You know that moment when you find the perfect paint colour on Pinterest, only to find it’s not available in the UK? I can’t remember the number of times its happened to me. And you’ll often find that it’s Benjamin Moore paint. That much loved North American designer paint brand. Well, drum roll please….it’s now available over here!

Benjamin Moore_Bathroom_Walls_Italian Ice Green (2035-70), Chair_Teal Ocean (2049-30)

Walls painted in Italian Ice Green (2035-70). Chair painted in Teal Ocean (2049-30).

Benjamin Moore®, was founded in New York in 1883, and is renowned worldwide for the exceptional beauty and quality of its colours. All 3,500 of them. All of them delivering exceptionally rich and true hues, and now the brand’s best-loved nine premium quality product lines will be offered in the UK via Shaw Paints.

Benjamin Moore-WhiteBedroom_0117_Proposal (AF-260)

Walls painted in Proposal (AF-260)

Renowned for its durability, the Benjamin Moore Aura® line of products will not only provide a beautifully flawless finish once applied, its proprietary acrylic resin system protects the colour and ensures it does not mark or rub off (ooh yes please, I’m fed up with paints that you cannot wipe). The unique rich resin formulation also delivers phenomenal coverage, so users will be able to cover in just two coats, even in the darkest shade.

Benjamin Moore-Desk_Upper wall_Fernwood Green (2145-40), Lower Wall_Urban Nature (AF-440)

Upper walls painted in Fernwood Green (2145-40). Lower walls painted in Urban Nature (AF-440).

 Another Benjamin Moore favourite is Natura®, the zero emissions product that is now certified as asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Safer for you and the family and less harmful to the environment, It has become a benchmark in the US for environmentally conscious products, allowing you to go green without compromising on performance or colour choice.

Benjamin Moore-Dining_Walls_Teal Ocean (2049-30), Door_Brookside Moss (2145-30)

Walls painted in Teal Ocean (2049-30). Door painted in Brookside Moss (2145-30).

Underpinning all of the fantastic Benjamin Moore product lines is the proprietary Gennex® Waterborne colourant technology. All Benjamin Moore paints are custom mixed, giving customers access to an unrivalled palette of colours. Gennex® colourants fortify the paint to enhance colour durability for a long lasting and resilient finish.

Benjamin Moore-Cabinet_Wall_Thicket (AF-405)

Walls painted in Thicket (AF-405).

Me, I just like the colours.

Benjamin Moore-BlueBathroom_Walls_Wedding Veil (2125-70), Lower wall_Blue Danube (2062-30)

Upper wall painted in Wedding Veil (2125-70). Lower walls painted in Blue Danube (2062-30).

Prices start from £17.00 for 0.94 litres from Regal Select range.

September 9, 2015
September 14, 2015



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    November 11, 2015

    I’m always be a fan of Benjamin Moore, the award winning brand that provides fresh and stylish paints. I highly recommend this, it is worth the price.

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      November 11, 2015

      Always good to get a personal recommendation Sharmaine. Thanks 🙂