Bathrooms That Move Over to the Dark Side

It was only a matter of time before the trend for all things dark moved into the bathroom. A dark bathroom will bring a sense of drama and a stylish modern look into a home. It can also transform a bathroom (depending on the choice of finishes) into something much more sleek and luxurious. I’d only advise going the whole hog if it matches the rest of the house mind you. There needs to be a synergy and flow between all rooms of the house. But if the fancy takes you to adopt this trend at home, there are degrees of dark to choose from. You might like the idea of a night time soak surrounded by candles in a darkened room, or you might be horrified by the thought of walking into a cave in the mornings. The choice is yours.

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Dramatically Dark But Softened by Pattern

Bathrooms That Move Over to the Dark Side

It will take a brave soul to paint all surfaces in a bathroom black. Even the ceiling. It’s dramatic for sure. But the matt-ness of the black paint softens the effect somewhat. As does the patterned wallpaper and the brass accessories. In this instance it’s a classic, even traditional execution of a contemporary colour scheme. It also highlights the power of paint and how it can so powerfully change a room. The image is courtesy of The Curious Department and shows their Electric Lagoon wallpaper.

Sleek and Dark

Bathrooms That Move Over to the Dark Side

A contemporary scheme that marries a combination of a dark grey wall and brown tiles. Both are lightened by the pale floor and ceiling so do not seem overpowering at all. Almost a mirror image of what you’d expect in a bathroom. It’s a confident, rather masculine look but the large piece of artwork and copper vases do tone it down a bit. The image is courtesy of Mereway Kitchens & Bathrooms and shows their Ultra Modern Fitted Bathroom suite in Bronze Gloss with a Fusion Natural worksurface.

Bathe on the Dark Side

Bathrooms That Move Over to the Dark Side

If dark walls and ceilings are too much for you, there is always the option of a black free-standing bath. It makes enough of a statement without completely overwhelming a room. The rather rustic bare bricks and teracotta tiles compliment it beautifully and give it an extra ‘edge’. The image is courtesy of Fritz Fryer Lighting and features their Swan neck Bathroom Wall Light.

Go The Whole Hog Dark

Bathrooms That Move Over to the Dark Side

Black marble, black laquer and a gold sink! This is called really going for it. Not everyone’s cup of tea admittedly, but stunning all the same. The image is courtesy of PullCast and features their Sonoran Drawer Handle.

Framed in Black

Bathrooms That Move Over to the Dark Side

Doesn’t everything look classier in a black frame? White room with black paintwork = class. White bathroom with black shower rail and shower head = class. And white metro tiles with black grout = class. Need I say more? This image is courtesy of Purlfrost Window Film and shows their Own Text Custom Window Film adding a little je ne sais quoi to a classic bathroom.

A Mixture of Dark and Light

Bathrooms That Move Over to the Dark Side

Illustrating perfectly how ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ this bathroom takes the best of the dark trend and balances it with white. Black framed shower screens are having a bit of moment, as are black and white patterned tiles. This is a scheme that will live on long after the urge to move over to the dark side. This image is courtesy of Walls and Floors and features their Metro Whitechapel Tiles in White Gloss.

Complementary Accessories

Bathrooms That Move Over to the Dark Side

  1. Large Steel Black Bathroom Shelf Basket, £58, The Find Store.
  2. Black Round Hanging Mirror, £12, Wilko.
  3. Antique Silver & Black Toothbrush Holder, £12, Amara.
  4. Luxe Hand Towels – Black, Christy.
  5. Basically Black, Dulux.
  6. Amari Rounded 4 Piece Bathroom Set with Toilet Brush, £35,
  7. Ferm Living Toilet Paper Holder, £25, Nest.
  8. Victoria Black & White Mosaic, £46.65, Tile Mountain.
  9. Fawn Set of 2 Baskets, £35, Sweetpea & Willow.


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