Bathroom Trends That Are Hot Right Now

The Minimal and Functional Bathroom Inspired by Scandinavian Design

Updating the bathroom can be expensive. And unless we move house every few years, thankfully it’s a project we don’t do very often. So it’s important to get it right. Right? Getting the basics sorted is usually the first step in the process. Planning the layout first and foremost, deciding what you can and can’t have in the space, and choosing the bathroom suite, shower and taps before anything else is decided. Everything else after that is down to personal taste. And while I don’t necessarily condone following trends in the bathroom (as it’s much harder and more costly to undo last years fickle fashion fad for a start), I do think you can add personality to what might otherwise be a purely clinical looking space.

The Minimal and Functional Bathroom

The Minimal and Functional Bathroom Inspired by Scandinavian Design

The Minimal and Functional Bathroom trend featuring the 8 Series Frameless Enclosure from Merlyn Showering, hammam towels by, Kera bathroom collection and slatted shower mat by Black by Design Ltd, round mirror by Cloudberry Living, black and grey towels by Lorraine at Home by JD Williams. 

This trend takes it’s inspiration from the Scandinavian style of interior decorating and it does suit the bathroom particularly well.  White is often the predominant colour anyway and it’s all about clean lines and the absence of clutter. But it’s not all about hard surfaces. Nordic style does include a lot of natural materials too which help to soften the space immensely. Comfort is not ignored either as there is always an element of hygge (the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures) present, with candles and soft towels strategically placed.

The Luxurious and Opulent Bathroom

Luxury and Opulence trend for the bathroom

The Luxurious and Opulent Bathroom trend featuring the  Arysto by Merlyn Shower Enclosure, venetian mirror by The French Bedroom Co, white towels by, mosaic white marble wall tiles by The Baked Towel Co, chandelier by Sweetpea and Willow, oval bath mat by Amara.

Maybe your tastes err more towards a more traditional bathroom with a high-end finish. Luxurious finishes like marble with chrome touches spring to mind. Period features, wall length mirrors, hidden lighting and bespoke vanity units are all typical characteristics. Remember high-end does not have to mean top-price though.  There are ways of emulating this look on a budget if you spend wisely. Concentrate on buying the best bath and shower you can afford for instance, and save money on ‘marble effect’ tiles instead of real marble. It’s not a difficult look to pull off just by choosing the right accessories. A Venetian mirror for example and a crystal chandelier will set the tone, and piles of sweet smelling toiletries will finish the room off nicely.

The Industrial and Utilitarian Looking Bathroom

The industrial trend in the Bathroom

The Industrial and Utilitarian Bathroom trend featuring the 8 Series Colour Enclosure by Merlyn Showering, laundry basket by Sisters Guild, rustic metal mirror with shelf by The Farthing, round mirror by Houseology, soap dish by Henry Tibbs Ltd, basket weave floor tiles by Original Style.

A very popular trend at the moment and one that isn’t going away soon. It’s all about metal, simple white tiles (the metro tile with it’s historical connotations is perfect for this look), rustic wood and re-purposed items. It takes its inspiration from Manhattan loft-living, with its bare-brick walls, reclaimed floorboards and factory lighting. To translate this to a bathroom, add metal framed mirrors, aged brass taps, and anything worn and upcycled.

The Lush and Leafy Bathroom

The Lush and Leafy Trend in the Bathroom

The Lush and Leafy Bathroom trend featuring the Series 10 Mirror Enclosure by Merlyn Showering, leaf bathmat by Amara, towels by Debenhams, green wall tiles by Original Style, macrame hanging basket by Eleanor Bolton, leaf print by Papermash.

This trend has been gaining momentum for some time now. The current popularity of houseplants has fuelled a fascination for anything green and botanical and appropriate accessories can be found all over the high-street. In the bathroom you can add colour with tiles or even wallpaper (just make sure the room is well-ventilated) or you can just add an accessory or two. Prints, towels, bathmats and shower curtains can all be found easily and are an easy way to add this trend in a non-permanent way. And don’t forget to add lots of real plants.

This post was written in partnership with Merlyn Showering, ” who don’t just make showers, they design, engineer and craft the finest showering environments in the world.”