Bathroom Style: From Clinical To Characterful in Eight Steps

Bathrooms don’t have to be sleek, clinical, wipeclean rooms. I’d like to bet that as we have spent more time in our homes over the past year, we have also spent more time in our bathrooms. It’s the only room with a lock on the door after all. And while you are enjoying that uninterrupted ‘me time’ for once, don’t you often wish the bathroom was a bit more interesting? There’s no reason on earth why this small room can’t reflect your personal style as much as any other room in the house. So whether you’re planning a full-on renovation this year or just a few tweaks, you might like to bear a few things in mind.

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Think Outside the Box

Bathroom Style: From Clinical To Characterful in Eight Steps

Image: Winchester Artisan Mixed White And Plain Half Tile Bathroom Set, Original Style.

It may be convenient to go to a bathroom store and order one of everything. And while I’m all for choosing a bath, wc, and basin from the same range, I do find that the furniture on offer is usually a bit dull and utilitarian. A bit like kitchen cabinets for the bathroom. And that’s probably not the interesting look you’re going for. So, one of my favourite tricks is to sit the basin on something that isn’t bathroom-y at all. A sideboard, cabinet or console table will all do the trick. They are not hard to convert for the job, and the added advantage is that you will have created an instant focal point for the room. Plus, it’s always nice to add something unexpected.

Add Some Warmth

Bathroom Style: From Clinical To Characterful in Eight Steps

Image: Starfloor Tile Retro Indigo Luxury Vinyl, Carpetright.

There’s not doubt that wall tiles are practical in a room that gets lots of water splashed about. But if you live in a period home or just want the bathroom to be more warm and welcoming, there’s always wood panelling as an alternative. Wood can withstand the damp conditions just as well, and when you get tired of the colour you can just re-paint the walls. You can’t do that with tiles can you? I wouldn’t recommend it in a shower cubicle of course, but it’s perfectly okay to mix wood with tiles in the same room. Case in point above.

Add Some Decorative Touches

Bathroom Style: From Clinical To Characterful in Eight Steps

Image: Farringdon Bathroom – Double Wall Shelf, Garden Trading.

Bathrooms don’t always have a lot of space for additional pieces of furniture or more decorative touches, but you can always find room for wall shelves. Placed near the shower they can be a handy place to stow shampoo’s etc, but they can also be used just to display plants and candles. As well as providing a place to rest the eyes while lingering in that tub of bubbles.  

Think Comfort First

Bathroom Style: From Clinical To Characterful in Eight Steps

Image: Dorma Porcelain Lotion Dispenser White £12, Dorma Porcelain Tumbler White £10, Dorma Porcelain Small Storage Trinket White £10, Dorma Porcelain Soap Dish White £8, All Dunelm.

Before you plan your ideal bathroom, imagine first of all how you are going to use it. Where do you want the towels to be so that you can easily grab them? How will you reach your soaps? Do you have a handy hook for a bathrobe? And what will be beneath your feet when you step out of the bath or shower? Think comfort first and plan accordingly. 

Inject Some Sparkle

Bathroom Style: From Clinical To Characterful in Eight Steps

Image: Sheridan Steampunk Electric Pendant With Clear Glass Shade, Iconic Lights.

There’s no rule at all that says you can’t have a bit of glitter in the bathroom. Chrome is so last year. Swap the silver taps for gold. Find tiles with a hint of sparkle and hang a gilt framed mirror on the wall. Now close your eyes and imagine how all of those things will look on cold winter nights when the candles are lit. Or even first thing in the morning when the sun shines through the window. Go on. You deserve it.

Pull Through Features From Other Parts of the House

Bathroom Style: From Clinical To Characterful in Eight Steps

Image: Forage Collection, George Home.

If all of the other rooms in your house are full of upcycled furniture and homemade items, there’s no reason at all why you can’t do the same in the bath or shower room. In fact, there’s every reason why you should. Your bathroom is part of your house and should reflect your tastes and personality in exactly the same way. Even if you’re mad on bunnies.

Add Texture

Bathroom Style: From Clinical To Characterful in Eight Steps

Image: Retreat Collection, Amara.

Bathrooms need texture. Without it they can just be too clinical and cold looking. Which doesn’t exactly say welcome, come on in and have a hot bath. Find ways to add texture wherever you can. A wooden floor, baskets to hold toilettries and towels. Bristle brushes instead of plastic versions (yes even toothbrushes), and thick cocooning towels.

Find Room for Nature

Bathroom Style: From Clinical To Characterful in Eight Steps

Image: Apartment Mirror Gold £50, Recycled Glass Tumbler £7, Recycled Glass Lotion Dispenser £10, Edited Life Yarn Dyed Recycled Cotton Bath Towel Charcoal £12, All Dunelm.

And finally, bring some nature in. Houseplants love the steamy atmosphere, as long as they get enough light. And it’s now a well known fact that they are good for our wellbeing too. Your bathroom should be warm, comfortable, as interesting as you can make it, and nuturing to the soul.


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    Ignacio Palomera

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    Thank you for this article. Keep posting such reports in the future also.

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