Baskets as Wall Decoration and Why it’s Such a Good Idea

I normally treat most ‘trends’ with caution. If you don’t absolutely love it and think you can live with it for years to come, just stay clear. But then there are the ‘micro trends’ that you can easily adopt, don’t cost an arm and a leg, and are quite easy to discard when a new one comes along. So, are you convinced yet about using baskets as wall decoration? It’s not a new idea, but it ties in with the current love of anything bohemian. And the craze for anything made of natural, sustainable materials.

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Baskets as Wall Decoration and Why it's Such a Good Idea

Binga Baskets, from £35, Tooka.

Baskets Don’t Cost the Earth

For starters it’s a very reasonably priced way of filling our walls. Original or unique art can be costly and time consuming to collect and hang. But baskets on the other hand can be picked up for a song. And so it wouldn’t take long to amass a collection worthy of wall space.

Baskets as Wall Decoration and Why it's Such a Good Idea

Natural Jute Wall Baskets, via Etsy.

Easy to Hang

Baskets by their very nature are light, so they don’t need special fixings to hang them on the wall. In fact they can be hung on Command hooks which also means that if you put one in the wrong place it’s very easy to take it down and re-place it. Deciding how to hang them is also a piece of cake. As you would with art, just place them on the floor and play around with them until you get a composition you are happy with. Unlike art, you won’t need an extra pair of hands. And unlike art, precision is not necessary. Baskets tend to look better when they are hung casually.

Baskets as Wall Decoration and Why it's Such a Good Idea

Wall Baskets, from £25, French Connection Home.

Get Creative

The composition and colour scheme of your wall of baskets is down to personal preference of course. As a general rule I’d either decide to keep it natural or brightly coloured. Not a mixture of both. As for composition, I rather like the examples here where the baskets overlap slightly. It might come down to how deep your baskets are, or if you intend to add to them over time whether you do this. It will be easier to add to the collection if they do not touch. And then there’s the decision whether to hang them symmetrically in a grid or in a less formal arrangement. The choice is yours.

Baskets as Wall Decoration and Why it's Such a Good Idea

Moroccan Wool Pots and Plates, from a selection at Bohemia Design.

Re-Cycle and Re-Use

And then, the real beauty of this trend is that when you tire of it, you can just take it down and use the baskets for something else! 

Baskets as Wall Decoration and Why it's Such a Good Idea

Natural Wall Baskets, from £29, Idyll Home.

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