Barnstorming with Oka Direct

One day I will live in a converted barn. Of all the options available for open-plan, spacious living, it’s the one that appeals to me the most. I like the idea of a rustic home, full of features and charm, that has been thoughtfully re-configured to provide a sociable home. I like the idea of soaring rafters, large fireplaces, dog-friendly stone floors and enormous glass windows looking out at the countryside. And, a cosy bedroom tucked into the roof space. This country idyll may not exist of course but a girl can dream.

Oka Direct have taken this dream and turned it into reality in their autumn Lookbook. It’s a Cotswold conversion made of mellow stone, with a large, dramatic living space, and it provides the perfect setting for some of their signature pieces. They’ve used ‘weathered’ Acacia furniture that compliments the barn’s original features and they have skilfully brought in colour by using throws, cushions and rugs.

Oka Direct - Barnstorming (4)

Large rooms need to be zoned to prevent them looking cold and unwelcoming. The designer’s trick is to use rugs and large sofas to create little ‘conversation’ areas. Image this corner when the fire is lit and the lamps are creating pools of warmth. So cosy. It’s the perfect place to use a large coffee table too. There’s no need to have to walk around it and it provides ample storage space for books as well as a convenient spot to rest cups and glasses. A couple of smaller occasional tables are also handy and make the arrangement very comfortable.

Oka Direct - Table lamps

Just some of the new table lamps for autumn.

High ceilings also afford the perfect excuse to use ‘large scale’ lamps. Smaller ones would be dwarfed by the space and look insignificant, but in a barn space you can really make a statement.

Oka Direct - Barnstorming (2)

A large dining table is also a must. In my imaginary barn it would not just a place to eat dinner, although I’m sure it would get plenty of use for that too. I like to think it would be the hub of the space. A place to natter over a cup of coffee. A place to work and spread out samples and moodboards. A place to lay out a buffet when guests come over, and a place to open the wine and enjoy good conversation. Those comfy cushions are an absolute must, and so is a console table or sideboard where I would store the plates and glasses to save going in and out of the kitchen.

Oka Direct - Barnstorming (3)

And maybe the bedroom would be the place for that four-poster bed of my dreams too.

All products from Oka Direct.

September 21, 2015



  1. Reply

    Denise K

    November 14, 2015

    Hi, I love the bedroom. Are the beams stained/painted?

    • Reply


      November 18, 2015

      I’m afraid I don’t know Denise, but they are lovely. x

  2. Reply

    Silvia Crown

    September 29, 2015

    Awesome pictures and ideas!


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