Back to Basics – The Beauty in Natural Things…

Sometimes I just yearn for less ostentation.  Less colour, less glitz.  Our magpie eyes are forever searching out the glitter and the pattern, but occasionally it’s nice to just rest our gaze on something simple.

The simple beauty of wood in its natural state.  Without paint or varnish.  The simple beauty of rope and hessian and rattan.  Unadorned and beautiful in their own way.

Do you ever feel that way?

Sources: 1.Rope napkin rings, The Contemporary Home. 2.Pendant lamp made from re-cycled cardboard, Pad Retail. 3.Wooden crates, Pedlars. 4. Scrap wood wallpaper, Pad Retail.  5.’Lattice twig’ pierced screen, Christopher Guy. 6.Wooden picture, Rockett St George. 7.Rustic stool, The Travelling Souk. 8.Driftwood Heart, similar from Lily and Lime. 9.Driftwood Candle Holder, Oka Direct. 10.Bull rush basket, Marston and Langinger. 11.Rope doorstop, similar from Lily and Lime. 12.Rustic trolly coffee table, Designer Living.



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