An Ode to the Chesterfield Sofa

Sometimes you just can’t beat a British design classic. The chesterfield may have been around for a long time but it will continue to be featured in traditional and contemporary interiors for many more years to come. I’d lay my hat on it.

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The traditional shape of the chesterfield sofa will feature same height back and sides, deep buttoning, scrolled arms, studs, and legs with casters. Of course there are many variations on a theme but most will feature these characteristics. Plus firm but comfortable seats.

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A good one will last a lifetime and because it is a classic design it will transcend trends and fickle fashion. A leather one will also withstand most things life can throw at it, including bouncing kids, boisterous dogs and the odd glass of spilt wine. And like wine, it will actually improve with age.

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It also has one characteristic not shared by all sofas. It looks as good from the rear as it does from the front! Due to the deep buttoning and scrolled back it is the idea item of furniture to float in the middle of the room, or use as a room divider. There’s no need to hide the back from view with a console table or throw as most interior designers usually want to do.

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It also looks just as handsome in most interior schemes from a formal drawing room to a country cottage. It’s not just for gentlemen’s clubs you know. But if you want to add a bit of glamour, choose one in brightly coloured velvet.

This is actually one item of furniture that has been on my interiors wishlist for ever and ever!

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March 13, 2015


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    March 18, 2015

    Great read on a classic sofa, have been looking at something similar on Eager to get my own now!