An Amazon Adventure on the High Street


It’s true. I just can’t get enough of jungle prints, leaf motifs and anything patterned, and green. I’ve been banging on about this trend for ages now and I’ll be banging on about it a lot more in the future. It’s my favourite of all the current trends, and luckily the high street are feeding my addiction nicely.

This time it’s the House of Fraser.


House of Fraser, Amazon Duvet Set, £50

My wallet took such a bashing over Christmas and with the cottage renovations that I haven’t been able to indulge this new passion yet. Well, apart from a couple of experiments with faux plants, with differing results that had nothing to do with price, but I’ll cover that another time. So I’ve been collecting and collating and sharing all of my sources here (because I’m nice like that) and one day very soon I’ll be hot-footing it down the shops to create my own little Amazon jungle. Inside and out.


House of Fraser Parakeet, £30. Black and White Photo Frame, £22. Zig Zag Photo Frame, £18. Angular Gold Candle Holders, £22.

I might not go so far as a mosquito net above the bed, but there are so many verdant green cushions around that I’m really spoilt for choice. And there is definitely some green paint going on the walls. The time has come for all of my little ethnic souvenirs to really shine and come into their own.


House of Fraser Dinnerware, from £6. 

And when the sun starts to shine again, I’ll be out there in the garden with my jungle napkins and potted bamboo.

February 3, 2016



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