Add a Splash of Wonder to Your Walls

You must know by now how mad I am for wallpaper. The bolder, quirkier, and more colourful the better. And you must also know by now that Divine Savages are one of my go-to sources for wallpaper designs that are just a bit more eccentric, flamboyant and daring than most. So when I heard that they were collaborating with The Natural History Museum on a new collection of wallcoverings, fabrics and cushions I just knew it was going to be good.

The new collection is inspired by the different natural elements from the Museum’s collections. Notably it’s specimens, illustrations and paintings. But it’s also inspired by the fabulous historical building itself. Call it a wild re-working of the traditional. Or a little bit of history with a great big dash of wonder encapsulated into five stunning designs.


Add a Splash of Wonder Wallpaper to Your Walls

Botanize Heritage – Blue Whale

This design looks at the iconic hall of the great Museum designed by Alfred Waterhouse, in creating his vision of a “cathedral to nature” and reminding us of the importance of the plants discovered by the epic adventures undertaken by Britain’s great explorers. It is available in two different styles, a ‘Heritage’ collection that stays true to the original Hintze tiles of the Museum in Whale Blue, Palm Green, Peppermint and Plaster pink, as well as a modern reworking of the illustrations in a sophisticated colour palette of Fern Green, Blackberry, Heather and Lily Blue.


Add a Splash of Wonder Wallpaper to Your Walls

Arboreta, Berry

Named after a botanical garden devoted to trees, Arboreta is the perfect description of this design. It draws inspiration from illustrations dating back to 1786 of scotch furs, weeping willows, yews and more. This design focuses on the heritage and classic feel of the illustrations keeping it similar to the true original. Colours available are Charcoal, Blue, Berry and Sage.


Add a Splash of Wonder Wallpaper to Your Walls

Extinctopia, Slate

Extinctopia is a quirky take on dinosaurs. Divine Savages had already created a dinosaur wallpaper when it first launched, and this latest design takes inspiration from the Museum’s collection as well as Crystal Palace Park, which in 1854 unveiled the first dinosaur sculptures in the world. It also happens to be the area where the design duo behind Divine Savages live. Here dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures are scattered amongst statues. Such as the iconic British policeman, a pigeon and a poodle, all of which add Divine Savage’s trademark humour to the designs. Colours available are Peppermint, Glacier Blue, Blush and Slate.


Add a Splash of Wonder Wallpaper to Your Walls

Hierarchy, Pencil Grey

It’s not just the Museum’s collection that Divine Savages wanted to celebrate, but also the building itself. So here you see the intricately carved stonework of gargoyles and other creatures, and the pillars that surround the Museum. The design shows the perfect mix of architectural splendour as well as the natural world. Colours available are Pencil Grey, Mustard, Blush and Blue.

Forbidden Bloom

Add a Splash of Wonder Wallpaper to Your Walls

Forbidden Bloom, Deep Blue

Forbidden Bloom was inspired by the botanical and animal collections held at the Museum including the works of the infamous Bauer Brothers. Yet this design has a twist to it. Upon first look you can see intricate vines leading to beautiful flowers, however upon closer inspection the vines are in fact serpents, and if you look even closer you will be able to spot the serpent’s head too! Colours available are Black, Deep Blue, Blush and Peppermint.

Add a Splash of Wonder Wallpaper to Your Walls

Botanize, Green Fern

The collection will be available from 17th October from Divine Savages.

Wallpaper – £150 per roll. Fabric – £95 per metre. Velvet Cushions – £100.


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