Abigail Ahern Artificial Houseplants and Heart Home iPad App

I do like a house filled with house plants. I’ve written about it beforeĀ here. They just seem to bring a room alive and who doesn’t love a shot of the colour green.

Sadly though it’s a matter of fact that they will not thrive in all conditions. I’ve learned from experience that you can water, and feed and talk to them all you like, but if they don’t have enough natural daylight they will eventually wither and die. And not all homes have abundant light. Or window sills. And some of us, no matter what we do just end up with a pot of dry brown leaves and a conviction that we just weren’t meant to have plants.

But yes we can. Abigail Ahern is now stocking these gorgeous lifelike artificial plants and they look so real that I actually had to touch this Fig Plant just to make sure.

Abigail Ahern Artificial Plants 3

It is quite pricey but you will never kill it, and it will never outgrow its space. Abigail has one on her kitchen island (along with books, candles, bowls, cloches, herbs, flowers, condiments and a huge chandelier overhead) and it looks amazing. But if you just want to fill a corner or two or have one on your desk there are much smaller specimens too. Although I might add that one plant alone looks quite sad. Two’s company and three’s a party!

Abigail Ahern Artificial Plants

Abigail Ahern Artificial Plants 2

And if you want to see more of Abigails home she is featured in the spring issue of Heart Home magazine (that’s her sitting room and dog Mungo on the front cover.)

Heart Home magazine iPad App Spring 2014 Issue

Don’t forget my lovelies that if you still want to read the full issue of Heart Home you will have to download the app. It’s full of inspiration, interactive, and has exclusive content. First time subscribers will receive the Spring issue free of charge and each issue is still only the price of a large cup of coffee.

The new monthly edition of the digital magazine will be available next week on Thursday 13th March.



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