Your home is beautiful. Tell us a bit about the four walls. What kind of house/apartment is it? What made you fall in love with it, or did you choose it for practical considerations first and foremost?

Our house is a 3 storey Victorian Villa built in 1893. When we started our hunt we knew we wanted something Victorian and there were several houses we tried to buy but all came with structural issues so unfortunately we had to pull out. However, our search led us to this one and as soon as we walked through the front door we got that “ this is home” feeling. It was definitely the hallway that we fell in love with, especially the original Minton tiles and the width of it was like none of the others we had viewed. Such a wealth of character stood before us and I hadn’t even seen the rest of the house yet ha!

A Victorian Villa With Mid-Century Victorian Boho Vibes

What work have you done to the place to make it your own? Are you a serial decorator or have you finished?
We actually only moved in in January so we’re far from finished, but all you interior lovers out there will agree, I don’t think there ever is such a thing as “finished”.  I’m definitely a serial decorator and with the current pandemic and UK lockdown we’ve been able to accomplish so much in such a small space of time. We’ve decorated our double lounge (it initially started out as a dining room, I soon changed my mind ha!) one of the bathrooms, the hallway, one of our spare rooms and our bedroom. But I wouldn’t say any of them are quite finished. Maybe the bedroom actually. I’m so impatient I just want everything done yesterday!!
A Victorian Villa With Mid-Century Victorian Boho Vibes

How would you describe your own interior design aesthetic and where do you find the inspiration for the things you decide to do? 

I was just chatting to a few people about this question the other day and I decided that I would say my style in a few words would be “Moody Mid-Century Boho”. I’ve always been a huge fan of either all dark interiors or crisp white interiors. Our previous home was all dark and I loved it, but this house has helped me learn how to balance that dark and the white together to create what I now call my Moody Boho Look.

A Victorian Villa With Mid-Century Victorian Boho Vibes

What tips do you have for anyone starting from scratch? How do they create a home that is uniquely their own?

I’ve definitely learned the hard way that you should live in a house for a god few months before decorating or buying large/expensive furnishings. So my biggest tip would be to live in the house first and let it speak to you. You’ll be amazed at how much a house can direct you with you interiors choices. Every house is different. The lighting will be different, the room shapes will be different, and the feeling it gives you will even be different so take it slow. Do lots of Pinterest and IG scrolling and the house will soon become uniquely yours.

A Victorian Villa With Mid-Century Victorian Boho Vibes

 I know how long it takes to collect all the layers that go towards making a house a home. Where do you find all of your lovely things? Are there any go-to sources/shops that you can share? 

Ooo now this is my favourite question. I’m a big big fan of finding the layering treasures for our home and my first go to(s) for furniture are charity shops, Facebook Market Place and Gumtree. There are some absolute gems to be had from those platforms. For all the soft furnishing and trinket pieces some of my favourite places include: HM Home, Sostrenegrene (very few of these stores but there is one in Nottingham), Ikea, and Homesense/TKMaxx. Oh, and don’t let me forget supermarkets – supermarkets actually have really great homeware.

A Victorian Villa With Mid-Century Victorian Boho Vibes

If you had a day at home with no work to do, and no social media to catch up on, how would you spend it? 

Great question. You’d either find me decorating or doing some sort of upcycling on a bargain from a local charity shop. If not one of those, then I’d 100% be found just faffing around the house moving stuff around for no apparent reason, haha basically the definition of “Faffing”!!

A Victorian Villa With Mid-Century Victorian Boho Vibes

 What’s next? Do you have any decorating projects brewing? 

We are currently in the process of styling up the home office. We’ve recently just finished painting in there, but that’s more my partners project. We’re also going to be having a new floor laid in the double lounge pretty soon (very excited about that), but for me I’d really like to get my hands on the guest room.

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