A Stunning New Bespoke Rug for the Living Room

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Ever since we painted the living room a rather lovely shade of pink, I’ve been wondering how to get even more colour into the room. Without throwing everything out and starting again that is. And then fortuitously, Rug Artisan came to the rescue with the offer of a stunning new bespoke rug. I did love the old grey one, but it was sucking the light out of the space and combined with a grey sofa it was just plain old boring. Practical but boring. Not only is the new rug design gorgeous, the colours coordinate with an existing green armchair, and it is a dream to walk on.

Now before you start thinking that I would be over the moon with a ‘gifted’ rug, I’ll say this. I only work with companies that I would buy from and would genuinely recommend. And there’s plenty to recommend about Rug Artisan.

A Stunning New Bespoke Rug for the Living Room

About Rug Artisan

Rug Artisan was created to fill the gap of flexibility and quick turnaround in the bespoke floor covering market. They developed a software which would let customers choose their own colours, yarns, and the type of rug they wanted in their desired size and shape, in as little as 4 weeks.  This is against an industry standard of 16 weeks upwards. They have over 1,000 designs on their website and will be adding 200+ designs each month to give an astonishing amount of choice. Plus there are 5 rug shapes (square, rectangular, oval, runner and circular) and 600 colours to choose from if you would like to create your own personal design. If you need help incidentally there is an in-house design team to assist you, completely free of cost.

A Stunning New Bespoke Rug for the Living Room

Creating Your Pesonalised Design

This really couldn’t be simpler. Once you have chosen a design you like (this may take some time – there is so much choice), you are able to browse the suggested colours. If none suit, you can choose your own. You can also alter the shape (this depends on the design), rug type (there’s a choice of weaves), materials and size. And then you can order free samples of your chosen yarn colour just to make sure you’re happy with it. The rug in these images is the Trigon, hand-tufted, pure wool rug in two shades of green.

A Stunning New Bespoke Rug for the Living Room

The Rug Artisan Initiative

I think we’re all looking to purchase from companies these days that adopt a fair trade ethos and Rug Artisans’ own ethos is impressive. As a company they have pledged to donate 10% of their annual sales towards the development and welfare of the weavers. This gets deposited into a separate bank account and it pays for the workers children’s school fees, private medical insurances and any other expenses which is required by the weavers or their families. They are firm believers of social responsibility and strive to work towards it, day in and day out, in order to achieve the best for each and every person associated with Rug Artisan.

A Stunning New Bespoke Rug for the Living Room

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