A Place for Everything…

I’m a tidy person, it has to be said. I like to put things away, fold things up, and just generally organise. It makes me feel satisfied and in control. Luckily the BF is just the same and when we moved into our new house earlier this year the first thing he did was hang his clothes in our brand new fitted wardrobes. Sad I know.

Hammonds Fusion Walnut and Cream (1)

So when Hammonds asked me to have a look at their bedroom furniture ranges I was more than happy to have a little peek. I may have my own wardrobes sorted but fantasising about shoe racks, hidden laundry baskets and segmented make-up drawers is another guilty secret. And let’s face it, bespoke fitted wardrobes do make the most of our valuable bedroom space and can even utilize those awkward nooks and crannies that older houses and loft conversions seem to have.

Hammonds Fusion Teak and Mandarin (1) - Copy

But, in actual fact I was more than blown away with the sheer good looks on offer.

Hammonds Palladian (1)

Not only do they have a good variety of styles – from contemporary to classic – but they also have a Fusion range which allows you to combine textured wood together with fantastic high sheen finishes in some very fetching and on-trend colours. Absolutely perfect for creating a completely personal style. And to help you with that they have some knowledgeable designers who will work with you each step of the way, finding out what you love in order to bring you the bedroom you’ve always dreamt of.

Hammonds Fusion Teak and Cream (2)

So it really doesn’t matter whether you live in a period house, a country cottage or a minimalist loft there really is a range that would suit every interior.

Willesley Walk in white

Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to sort out my knicker drawer.