A Compact Docklands Apartment

This two bedroom, penthouse apartment was affectionately nick-named ‘the compact apartment’ when the designers at Boscolo were asked to create an adaptable, multi-use space overlooking the docklands. The brief also specified the use of ethically sourced, natural and recycled products and plenty of discreet storage.

There are so many space saving tricks from which we could learn a thing or two. Every single inch of the apartment works hard, from the open plan living space to the guest bedroom that can be folded away, to the bijou bedroom and bathroom. And yet, the overall design is not compromised by its limitations. In fact, it’s a very warm, and welcoming home that must make its owners very happy.

A compact docklands apartment via Bosolo Architects - LIVING_05

The dynamic feature wall installation evokes a playful atmosphere, and was the inspiration for the living areas’ colour scheme. It’s probably my favourite aspect. I’m not entirely sure, but that looks like extra chairs folded up and hung against the wall. They are so discreet they almost disappear.

A compact Docklands Apartment via Boscolo Architects - LIVING_01

The Kartell Masters dining chairs have probably been chosen because they are decorative but not at all solid. The eye travels through them giving the impression of more space.

A compact docklands apartment via Boscolo Architects - LIVING_06

The colour scheme is particularly effective. The blues, grey and black are sophisticated, the watery hues reminiscent of the water outside, and the orange/red accents are used sparingly and encourage the eye to travel around the room.

A compact Docklands Apartment via Boscolo Architects - LIVING_03

Everything is flush from the light fittings, to the recessed shelves, to the handle-less kitchen cabinets. This also creates the illusion of more space, as does a reflective surface. In this case it’s the glass splashback. The area rug is a great design trick for delineating different areas of a room.

A compact docklands apartment via Boscolo Architects - LIVING

And I love the way the paperback books are stored here. Not the most attractive of things in a bookcase, but here they almost look like a design statement. The work station is small and perfectly formed.

A compact docklands apartment via Boscolo Architects LIVING_16

The guest bedroom has the ability to fold away completely, removing any hint of a bedroom, enabling it to become a seamless extension of the living area, in particular when required for additional entertaining space. When in use as a bedroom, a discreet sliding panel wall provides complete privacy.

A compact docklands apartment via Boscolo Architects

When can I move in?

February 10, 2015


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    February 11, 2015

    Wow amazing space! It always suprice me what can be done with small speces. Great interior design.


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