A Case for Case Furniture

Anyone who even slightly knows me will know that I’m moving house. Yayy!

I haven’t quite secured my dream house yet, but my existing home is all but sold and I have my heart set on a new build.  I’ve been seduced by the promise of a garage, utility room and an en suite.  And even a walk-through wardrobe.  And if there is another thing I’m sure of, it’s that my existing furniture will not be going with me.

So, it might be premature of me to be furniture shopping already, before the house even has a roof, but that’s what we designers do.  We design constantly.  On the bus, in the bath, during dinner, even in our sleep.  We can’t help it.  And I’m thinking that my new furniture will be sleeker, more elegant, more contemporary and definitely of much better quality than the ramshackle (albeit lovingly curated) collection that I already have.

The Theo Sofa System by Matthew Hilton via Case Furniture

I like the versatility of the Theo Sofa system by Matthew Hilton.  It is available in leather or fabric in a variety of colours, on a 3 seat sofa, 2 seat sofa, armchair, chaise or corner unit.  Because lets face it I have only the vaguest idea what will fit in my yet unbuilt rooms.  Looks comfy too.

Lap shelving by Marina Bautier via Case Furniture

I also have my eye on the Lap shelving by Marina Bautier.  It looks modern and not too bulky.  I know too that it will definitely hold all of my travel mementos that will definitely be going with me.  They will look fabulous against pale walls.

Vitrina small sideboard by Hierve via Case Furniture

My impulse buy would have to be the Vitrina small sideboard by Hierve.  Reminiscent of the old haberdashers cupboards it would be a great place to store shoes and handbags.  I wonder how big my walk-through wardrobe will be?

Oki-Nami chair by Nazanin Kamali via Case Furniture

And finally for the new dining table and chairs it would have to be the Oki-Nami set by Nazanin Kamaki.  I love the shape of the chairs and the blond wood and it would look as at home in a dining room or a kitchen.

All furniture is from Case Furniture.

This is my entry into Case Furniture Contemporary Blogging Competition. Find out more at: http://casefurniture.co.uk/

September 25, 2013



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    Case Furniture

    September 27, 2013

    Hi Carole.

    Nice link to moving house there, and some nice choices too for new furniture. The Oki-Nami table has a lazy Susan in the centre so that you won’t need to stretch over to grab some more prawn crackers. 🙂

    Good luck in the competition.

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      September 28, 2013

      Thanks. It was a hard choice to make, everything on the website is very desirable 🙂


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