A Beautiful Country Style Laundry Room

We all know that everything we have in our houses should be either beautiful or useful. Well, I happen to think things should be both if at all possible. Maybe not the iron. Or the vacuum cleaner. Although I have seen some that come close to beautiful. So why not have a utility room that ‘sparks joy’ too? And who better to prove to us that it’s possible than deVOL. What! You didn’t know they did laundry rooms too?  Their simple well-made cupboards and wooden accessories, plus a sturdy sink and a pair of handsome taps make a stunning, functional space.

Take a Look

A Beautiful Country Style Laundry Room

The lovely peeps at deVOL admit that the design of these rooms is a little bit different to a kitchen It’s not just a mini kitchen with a sink under the window. It’s different because it does a different
job. It’s a room to do laundry, occasional potting up when it’s too cold to go outside, flower arranging with all the vases close to hand, and a place to store all the cleaning products and utensils. Sometimes it doubles as a boot room and a place to wash the dog. So it has to be functional and able to withstand some tough use. But that doesn’t mean these rooms are simply just dumping grounds, they can, and should be good looking too. My thoughts entirely, and if I had a room for this purpose I’d love it to look like this.

A Beautiful Country Style Laundry Room

It’s so lovely to see a utilitarian room that doesn’t have any plastic lurking anywhere. I might even be tempted to decant cleaning products into pretty glass bottles if this room was mine. Or make my own! Instead there is a lot of good old-fashioned wood, brass, terracotta, marble, basketry, and re-cycled glass. And have you spotted the Laundry Maid?  Director, Paul, designed this version nearly thirty years ago. It’s a slightly simpler and more contemporary take on the classic style that has made this wooden Laundry Maid good enough to hang anywhere in your home. Think of the environmental benefits of letting the fresh air dry your clothes, and it has other uses too, including drying herbs.

A Beautiful Country Style Laundry Room

The Laundry Maid by deVOL – £265

A Beautiful Country Style Laundry Room

Prices for laundry, scullery and utility rooms by deVOL start from £5,000

More Beautiful Items for the Laundry Room


A Beautiful Country Style Laundry Room and How to Get the Look


  1. Vintage Fluted Dome Glass Pendant, The Farthing.
  2. Rustic Wooden Wall Shelf with Hooks, Melody Maison.
  3. Antique Cream Laundry Tin, Kitchen Craft.
  4.  Zig Zag Dryer, Garden Trading.
  5. Duck Fabric Ironing Board Cover, (affiliate link) Sophie Allport.
  6. Vintage Metal Laundry Tub Basket, The Farthing.
  7. Wall Mounted Rotating Soap, Garden Trading.
  8. Large Rattan Basket, Live, Laugh, Love.
  9. Metal Laundry Door Plaque, Melody Maison.


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