A Basket Case

Is there no end to the usefulness of baskets?

Best in natural materials or wirework they have so many uses around the home. Use them in the kitchen to store everything from vegetables to cutlery, in the bathroom to hold toiletries and spare loo rolls, in the sitting room to squirrel away magazines and extra cushions, the list is endless.

And not only that, they usually come in twos or threes that fit inside one another when not in use.

Here’s a few of the best looking around at the moment.

A Basket Case 1

1 Marks & Spencer 2 House of Fraser 3 Mobius Living 4 Loaf 5 Dunnes Stores 6 House Envy.

A Basket Case 2

7 and 8 Sainsburys Home 9 Marquis and Dawe 10 Nordic House 11 Boutique Provencale 12 The Contemporary Home.


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    April 8, 2014

    these are perfect for utility and and decoration both, good stuff !


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