9 Easy but Effective Ways to Add a Scandinavian Vibe to Your Christmas

Having travelled to Sweden twice in the last couple of months, I think I’ve developed a better appreciation of simple Scandinavian style. I’ve written before about the pared back Nordic look that has been a top interiors trend for many years, but true style is more than just a fashionable trend. It’s something the Scandinavians do without thinking. It’s in their genes. And it’s a culmination of centuries living in a cold northern country where daylight is sadly lacking in the winter months. And I have to admit I’ve avoided writing about Hygge* and Lagom** believing them to be just a lot of marketing hype. But now I get it. Not too little, not too much sums it up perfectly. That, and making sure that when the light starts to fail early in the day, there is a welcoming glow in the window.

And there are a few tricks we can steal to add a real Scandinavian vibe to our homes this Christmas.

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Steal a Scandinavian Vibe this Christmas

The Details
  1. A Candle Bridge is a popular tradition in Sweden at this time of the year.  You’ll see them twinkling away in windows and they look very festive. If you too have deep window sills, line them with green foliage and sit the bridge in the middle. They also look lovely on the mantle.
  2. Channel a magical Scandi woodland feel with an elegant wooden star! Dangle it in the window, hang it on the wall or prop it up on your mantlepiece.
  3. Adding lights to a potted plant on the porch gives guests a true festive welcome. These weatherproof fairy lights are battery operated so there are no trailing wires to trip anyone up. Win win.
  4. Finished in raw metal and decorated with a sprig of faux eucalyptus and autumnal berries, this duo of hanging Christmas stars is a true Scandinavian take on festive décor.
  5. This zinc house duo, whether lit from within with candles or au natural sums up the ‘not too little, not too much’ sentiment. You can use the metal hooks attached to hang them in your kitchen or position them on your coffee table with a touch of green foliage.
  6. This North Star candle bridge is a fresh take on traditional style. What’s more, the candles are battery operated and work on timer so you can happily leave them until it’s time for Fika***
  7. Don’t forget the garden. These Edison bulb festoon lights will create a festive feel outside too.
  8. This trio of star window lights are perfectly minimalist. Also battery operated they use suction cups to make it easy to hang anywhere.
  9. These real wax cream candles come in a pack of 12 and they introduce a gorgeous glow to all manner of occasions. Pop them in a lantern, candle holder, or display them solo on your mantelpiece or down the middle of the table. Very Scandinavian.


*Hygge – The Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

**Lagom – A Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”.

***Fika -is a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning “to have coffee”, often accompanied with pastries, cookies or pie 


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  1. Reply


    December 19, 2017

    Hi Carol, love this post! I’m obsessed with the Scandinavian style (must be my distant Swedish genes) and incorporate it everywhere I can. I really like those hanging stars, they look great 🙂

    • Reply


      December 19, 2017

      Glad you like it Ricky. It’s a great look 🙂

  2. Reply

    Isadora Guidoni

    December 6, 2017

    I love the scandinavian style, it’s so chic! Thanks for sharing these holidays tips =)

    • Reply


      December 7, 2017

      Glad you liked it Isadora 🙂

  3. Reply

    Emma Knowles

    December 5, 2017

    We love this blog Carol. ‘Koselig’ is a term Norwegians use during the winter months- meaning cosy contentent within the home 🙂

    • Reply


      December 6, 2017

      Glad you liked it Emma. And I now have a new word! 🙂


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