8 Practical but Pretty Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms can be tricky to keep tidy. Space is often limited, and they have to cope with heavy family usage every day. So it’s no wonder really that toilettries, towels and cleaning products, can soon get out of hand. And what should be a relaxing space for an evening soak, then turns into a messy and cluttered nightmare. I challenge anyone to enjoy a calming bubble bath looking at wet towels and shampoo bottles! So in order to create a bathroom that you want to spend time in, you need to make clever use of available space and choose storage that allows easy access to things you use every day. And if you choose storage that looks good too, your bathroom may even become your favourite room in the house.

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8 Practical but Pretty Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Storage

Image: Mindful Home Range, Dunelm.

Utilise the Wall Space

Bathrooms may be lacking in floor space sometimes, but you can always use the walls for hanging shelves, hooks and cabinets. Above the sink is the most obvious place for a shelf, but it’s not really the best place to store your Jiff. Save that above-the-basin-shelf for more decorative items, or otherwise decant toiletries into pretty jars. A purpose built shelf in the shower is idea for shampoo and shower gels, and means that you don’t have to have them on the floor collecting water and suds. This would have to be thought of at the planning stage of any bathroom renovations of course, but alternatively there are some attractive shower caddies around now. Just think, no more bending down, groping for the shower gel and getting your hair wet when you didn’t intend to.

8 Practical but Pretty Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Storage

Image: Ferm Living Dora Clothes Stand, Nest.

Under Sink Vanity Units

Again, something to plan when your bathroom is being updated, but so worth it. Not only does a vanity unit allow a flat surface around the basin for soaps and other things you need immediately to hand. A closed cupboard underneath is a must for the less pretty cleaning products, spare loo rolls and duplicates of everyday stuff. The ideal, if you don’t want to close everything off and make a small bathroom appear even smaller, is to have some open shelving and some closed cupboards.

8 Practical but Pretty Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Storage (4)

Image: Garden Trading.

Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelves are perfect for adding storage to bathrooms in a rental or a bathroom where you don’t necessarily want to make extra holes in the walls. And no DIY skills needed! You do need to be extra tidy though, or else use baskets on the shelves to keep things out of sight. Baskets will make cleaning easier too, as you don’t have to lift so many things off to give them a quick dust. From a styling point of view, try to add a plant or two to the shelves to give yourself something nice to look at while you’re relaxing in those bubbles.

8 Practical but Pretty Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Storage

Image: Supreme Hygro Bath Towel, Christy.

Ladder Towel Rails

Another easy one for those not handy with a screwdriver and hammer. Ladder towel rails can also hold a lot of towels and will take some of the strain off the heated towel rail for busy families. They also look very decorative if you hang the towels (or train the family to hang the towels), nicely. I’m all for practical storage ideas that also look good.


Don’t underestimate the humble wall hook. Or back of door hook. Where else do you hang your bathrobe when you take it off? But you can also use hooks for towels, brushes, hanging baskets, and fabric bags. Any excuse to give everyone a place to put things that isn’t on the floor. The back of the door is the obvious place but don’t forget the space above the loo. This is often an overlooked opportunity for storage.

8 Practical but Pretty Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Storage

Image: Brass Metal Stool, Cult Furniture.


I’ve already mentioned baskets twice now, but they deserve their own heading. Baskets are decorative and useful in any room in the house, not least in the bathroom. They are great for dirty washing, sponges and flannels, loo rolls, toilettries. In fact anything. They don’t take up much space, are easily transportable and they look fabulous.

8 Practical but Pretty Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Storage

Image: Dobbies.

Occasional Furniture

Space permitting, every bathroom should have an occasional chair, stool, bench or trolley. Their uses are numerous. A chair or stool is handy to perch on when drying your feet, or to move around as needed. Free standing baths often have nowhere to put the shower gel, so a stool or trolley that can be moved into place just when needed is ideal. A bath rack would also come under this category as it’s not fixed. And where else would you put your candle, book and wineglass while you’re escaping the family madness?

8 Practical but Pretty Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Storage

Image: Bathrack, Dunelm.

Top of Toilet Trays

As long as the flush button is not positioned there, the top of the toilet cistern is a handy place to put a tray. Sometime in the tiniest en-suites or bathrooms this is the only horizontal space available. Again don’t store the bleach there, instead, use the opportunity to make the loo look pretty. See number 1 below.

8 Practical but Pretty Tips and Ideas for Bathroom Storage

  1. Key Largo Rattan Storage Tray, Maine Furniture Co.
  2. Natural Wood Mirrored Back Display Shelf, Melody Maison.
  3. Sicily Bathroom Caddy, Lime Lace.
  4. Large Steel Black Bathroom Shelf Basket, The Find Store.
  5. Bran Wall Mounted Towel Storage, Made.com.
  6. Tall Grey Ladder Style Wooden Bookcase Shelves, Melody Maison.
  7. Odin Leaning Mirror, Habitat.
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