7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Now that we increasingly see the kitchen as more than just a place to cook, there is a definite trend away from neutral colour schemes. All-white kitchens can seem bright, airy and clean, but they can also give the impression of being bland and even sterile. It’s no fun dining, entertaining, and creating family memories in a space that reminds us of an over lit operating theatre after all. So, while there are lots of ways to add interest and warmth to this most used room, injecting some much needed colour is probably the easiest and most effective method of them all.

Add Colour to the Cabinets

7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Image: Dunelm (Autumn/Winter 2020 – Retreat Range).

Painting your kitchen cabinets is the obvious place to start and can really change the entire look and feel of the space. The current trend is for darker shades of navy, green or even black, but there’s no reason why you can’t opt for a brighter shade. A word of caution though. Zesty lime or sunflower yellow may feel adventurous and bold initially, but you may tire of them quicker than more sophisticated shades. There’s no reason why you can’t use more than one colour either and my advice would be to try navy for floor standing cabinets and white wall cabinets. The white cabinets will recede into the wall and look less imposting than navy everywhere. It’s also best to keep other colours in the kitchen neutral too if you are going for this look. stick to a cooling neutral, white, metallics and wood so as not to overwhelm the space.

Inject a Punch of Colour on the Island

7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Dramatic Party Kitchen Island from Wren Kitchens.

If you really do want to inject some fun as well as colour, why not add an unexpected shade just on the island. It will really pop against a neutral kitchen, involve a lot less preparation and painting time, and be much easier to change when you get fed up with the colour or fancy a change. Not only does it add a bright accent colour to the room, but it really designates the island as the fun place to be. As if you need to convince your bubbly guzzling friends of that!

Add Colour to the Walls

7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Image: Garden Trading

If you really don’t want to invest that much time into painting cabinets, (which let’s face it, can be one of those jobs you wish you’d never started) why not stick the colour on the walls instead. It’s much less time consuming and easier to paint over if you make a mistake with the colour. It’s a change landlords are less like to object to if you live in rented accommodation too. I wouldn’t advise choosing this option if you have so many cabinets there’s not much wall surface left. Or if you have wall tiles that cover half the wall. The idea is to make an impact and it’s very much lessened if the result is just a thin border around the top of the wall cupboards. However. If you have lot’s of wall surface and possibly some nice open shelves, go for it!

Introduce Colour on the Tiled Splashbacks

7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Savanna Gloss Petrol Blue Kitchen Wall Tiles from The London Tile Co.

As many of us get more adventurous with wall tiles, and there are more colours available, the options for adding colour are infinite. Adding a block of solid, shiny colour as a splashback can look stunning. Especially in an otherwise monochrome kitchen. Get them applied by a professional is my advice, as single colour tiles are much less forgiving of small mistakes than plain white or patterned tiles. And don’t scrimp either. Fill in the gap between worktop and cabinets, and go all the way up to the extractor hood. There’s nothing worse than a half-hearted attempt.

Use Colour on the Floor

7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Scintilla Paprika Orange Star Pattern Tiles from Walls and Floors.

Of course you can add colour to the floor too. It doesn’t have to be with tiles. There are some lovely bold colours available in vinyl too which will add a contemporary feel to the kitchen. Adding colour with pattern though is a good way to go if you don’t want to overpower the space too much. Resist the urge to coordinate too much. If you go for pattern on the floor, leave it just there. And don’t colour match toaster, kettle and canisters to the floor colour. Too matchy-matchy and one of my pet hates. Just don’t!

Add a Pop of Colour on the Window Blinds

7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Luxurious Red Aluminium Blinds from English Blinds.

For anyone not bold enough to add colour in large expanses, a window blind could be the answer. It can really liven up a bland kitchen without overpowering it. And when the fancy takes you, you can just change it. Don’t forget when the slats are opened on a venetian blind the colour is diluted. Just in case even this option is too scary. A lot of us don’t have the luxury of changing too much in our kitchens. Ours at home is a builders kitchen and I’m not prepared to invest cash in a home that’s not long term, so we have worked with what we have. This could be a very good option if that’s the case with you too.

Use Accessories for Your Colour Accents

7 Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Heather Bar Stool with Backrest, Cult Furniture.

And of course, the easiest way to liven up the kitchen with colour is to choose accessories that make your heart sing. A couple of zesty bar stools, a rug (yes, you can have a rug in the kitchen), artwork, or a shelf display of colourful china. A great way to add personality too. Even plants will add colour. So don’t be afraid to make you kitchen your own, with colour you love.

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