7 Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in the Home

If you’re not using mirrors decoratively around the home you are missing a trick. Yes, mirrors are handy for making sure you look presentable before leaving the house, but they have so many more uses. They can create drama, scale, detail and interest to any room scheme. And if you are resourceful with upcycling tricks they are a relatively inexpensive way to add personality too. Here are just seven ideas for using mirrors in the home but believe me, the list is endless.

Traditional With a Twist

7 Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in the Home

Image: From Annie Sloan showing Chalk Paint as follows Aubusson Wall, Paloma Fireplace And Mirror, Antibes Lamp And Base, Rodmell Chest.

Nothing new to see here. Overmantle mirrors have been used for centuries and will continue to be used. They can be hung portrait or landscape depending on the design and will always look right. What’s different here is the eclectic mix of periods and styles in the room which brings it up to date. The mirror is from the same time as the fire surround, but the chandelier and lamp are distinctly contemporary. The chair is mid-century in style, the cabinet is upcycled and the rug is Moroccan, making this room a pleasing mix that is grand but at the same time welcoming and homely.

Focal Point

7 Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in the Home

Image: Beth Webb, Marsh Floor Mirror from Arteriors.

Mirrors make great focal points in any style of room where focal points are lacking. In the room above, the eye is naturally drawn to the expansive windows and the view beyond, but the mirror emphasises that view. By reflecting the light and view it effectively doubles the impact. And at night when the curtains are drawn the mirror will become a focal point in it’s own right. By reflecting back the artificial light it will become the main focus of the room.

Alternative to Art

7 Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in the Home

Image: Rattan Sunburst Mirror from Ella James.

Mirrors are great alternatives to art when the frame is as decorative as this. The rattan of the mirror frame echoes the natural materials used in the furniture and the colours of the palette. Similarly, mirrors can be used as part of a larger gallery wall in amongst the wall art. By mixing shapes, colours and materials gallery walls become much more interesting and reflective of the owners’ personality and interests.

Unexpected Glamour

7 Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in the Home

Image: Country Living At Carpetright, Sisal Pentel.

There’s no reason not to add a subtle touch of glamour to an otherwise simple country style scheme. The unexpected gilt-edged frame stands out and contrasts with the more rustic finishes in the room. A mirror or two in a dining room is always a good idea too. Candlelight will be enhanced and the atmosphere immediately becomes more romantic and occasion-like.


7 Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in the Home

Image: A Modern Grand Tour – Black Ostrich Feather Floor Lamp with Gold Base from Sweetpea and Willow.

Oversized mirrors can create a lot of impact. And you get much more bang-for-your-buck when compared to the price of a similarly sized piece of art. In addition you get light into dark corners, and unexpected vistas, especially when positioned in corners, opposite windows, or on the turn of the stairs.

A Taste of Things to Come

7 Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in the Home

Image: Garden Trading Cherington Round Wall Mirror.

A well chosen mirror can also reinforce the style of interior you have. A mirror in the hallway will be practical for last minute make-up checks and introducing light into internal spaces. But it can also tease visitors with an indication of things to come. Oversized circular mirrors are very on-trend and can introduce a contemporary edge into interiors even when original details suggest otherwise. 


7 Creative Ways to Use Mirrors in the Home

Image: Distressed Arch Indoor/Outdoor Mirror, Rockett St George. (affiliate link).

A mirror in the garden can do all of the things a mirror can do inside the house. It can introduce period or contemporary style, reflect pretty outlooks, introduce light into shady corners, and bounce back artificial light at night for a romantic ambiance.

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