6 Last Minute Festive Touches for the Home this Christmas

How’s the Christmas decorating and preparations going peeps? I’m happy to say all of my presents are bought and wrapped, the tree is up and decorated, I’ve decided on table decorations, and I’m feeling quite smug. But I can never just sit down and put my feet up. Why is that? Every time I try, I’m up after five minutes adding just a few more bits to the sideboard (we don’t have a mantelpiece alas) and moving candles about. So, if you’re like me and can never think it’s finished, here’s a few more last minute festive touches for your home.

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A Coffee Table Tray

Last Minute Festive Touches for the coffee table

Image credit: Marks and Spencers

The centre of the room often gets forgotten. Mainly for practical reasons. The coffee table needs to be clear so that guests can deposit drinks and snacks there amongst other things. Not to mention the TV holiday guide and the remote. Which is why I usually use a small tray for the festive touches. A tray is easy to move out of the way when the surface is needed. Candles are the obvious thing to put on the coffee table, but a small vase of flowers or small potted bulbs look topical too. Then add colour coordinated baubles and maybe a small reindeer or angel, remembering to give each object room to breathe.

Add Fresh Flowers

Last Minute Festive Touches - fresh flowers, pine cones and fruit

Image Credit: Sainsburys Home

Even if your tree is faux, it’s nice to add some fresh decorations into the scheme. It doesn’t have to be a massive vase of hothouse blooms, a jug of green foliage works just as well. Pinecones are another nice festive touch, as well as a bowl of citrus fruits. All of these things work very well whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist and they have the added advantage of adding scent too.

Make a Twig Tree

Last Minute Festive Touches - make a twig tree

Image Credit: Debenhams

This is something I mean to do every year so maybe it’s time I just did it! It’s a great way to add some cheer to a forgotten corner, or you can even make a table decoration this way. All you need is a nicely proportioned branch from the garden, a can of gold spray paint and some Christmas decorations.

Create a Cocktail Corner

Last Minute Festive Touches - a cocktail corner

Image Credit: House of Fraser

It’s not a bad idea to create a corner for preparing drinks away from the bustle of the kitchen. It can either be a trolley, a side table or one end of the sideboard. Anywhere you can set up glasses, decanters, an ice bucket, mixers, a bowl of lemons and anything else you need for your favourite tipple. Keep it looking pretty by only including things you actually need to hand and keep the rest in a cupboard below or on the bottom shelf.

Make Some Name Tags for the Table

Last Minute Festive Touches - name tags for your guests

Image Credit: House of Fraser

Get ahead of the game by creating some place cards for your guests. Keep it simple with parcel tags, some ribbon that coordinates with you table centre and a pretty decoration. What could be simpler?

Make Some Decorations for the Dining Chairs

Last Minute Festive Touches - decorations for the dining chairs

Image Credit: George Home

I’ve always thought this is a lovely idea for dining spaces that are in the main living room. Chair backs (even the most well designed) are not usually the prettiest of things to look at when you’re relaxing on the sofa. So, how about making a feature of them with a small bouquet of green foliage tied with a ribbon?


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