5 Steps to Effortless Scandinavian Living in the Home

Scandinavian Style Living - 5 Steps

Scandinavian style

There’s no escaping the current trend in interiors for anything Scandinavian. Our Nordic cousins know a thing or two about relaxed, effortless style and we could learn a few tips from their clean, modern and simple approach to home décor. So what do we need to do to emulate this trend in our own homes – with a little help from Heart of House at Argos?

Scandinavian Style Living - 5 Steps

Step 1. Keep The Basics Clean and Unfussy.

Scandinavian homes typically feature wooden floors that are either natural or painted wood. They may have a rug or two but carpet isn’t usually seen. Walls are often panelled and painted, and windows will be unadorned, to make the most of the available light.

Argos Heart of House Scandi Retreat Collection [4]

Oakington Oak and Glass Dining Table, £279.99. Oakington Coffee Table, £129.99. Fabric Dining Chairs, £139.99 a pair.

Step 2. Stick to a Calming Colour Palette.

We usually think of a white colour scheme when we imagine a Scandinavian home. And that ‘all white’ palette does work extremely well in the far north. To prevent a colour scheme seeming too stark however, it often works to mix in a little neutral grey too. For accent colours on accessories, think either red or (my preference) icy blue to echo the landscape outside.

Scandinavian style, grey check cushion, wood table lamp, stoneware

1.Paradise 16 Piece Blue Stoneware Dinner Set, £34.99. 2.Ketton Wood Quad Table Lamp, £24.99. 3.Angus Woven Grey Check Cushion, £12.99.

Step 3. Choose Modern and Simple Furnishings.

It’s true that Scandinavian antiques can be curvaceous and decorated, but the trend now is for light wood furniture that has sleek and classic styling. Oak furniture with its subtle grain is typical.

Argos Heart of House Scandi Retreat Collection [2]

Holt Deep, Round Oak Effect Mirror, £49.99. Elford 5-Drawer Oak Chest, £249.99. Fuji Oak Upholstered Double Bed, £399.99. Aldeburgh Double Bedding Set, £34.99. Aldburgh Bedspread, £27.99.

Step 4. Add Texture with Chunky Accessories.

Those long, dark winter nights call for a touch of comfort, too so don’t forget to add some luxurious details with furs, cable knit throws and woollen cushions. Imagine curling up in front of the fire, with a warming mug of hot chocolate and a good book. Maybe hard to imagine at this time of year but you’ll thank me for it come December.

ceramic lamp, knitted pod, Olso houses cushion

1.Blackeney Textured Ceramic Lamp, £29.99. 2. Cotton Knitted Pod, £39.99. 3.Oslo Houses Cushion, £12.99.

Step 5. Finish Off with Elements of Nature.

There is always a suggestion of rural living in most Scandinavian homes. It might just be a pile of logs or a basket of pine cones but look, and you will find it. House plants are popular, as are vases of greenery collected from the countryside.

Scandinavian style oak lamp table

Eton Large Mink Sofa, £449.99. Weymouth Solid Wood Lamp Table, £129.99. Ellington Ribbed Ceramic Table Lamp, £29.99.

All products are from the Scandi Retreat collection – Heart of House at Argos, where all furniture comes with a 3 year guarantee.

“Marbles, wood and glaze with unglazed finishes capture the rural element of Scandi Retreat; one imagines a hunter gatherer collecting materials to create the items and each piece looks to tell a story about its creation.” Jessie Barrell, Designer, Argos Heart of House.

This post was written in partnership with Heart of House at Argos but all opinions and views, as always, are my own.



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