5 Steps to Creating Cosy Layers in the Bedroom

If there is one room in the house where you want to feel warm and cosy and cosetted, it’s the bedroom.  Like any other room in the house these days, it often has to multitask but whether it’s a place to sleep, feel romantic, watch TV (a complete no no in my house), or read a good book it’s important that it’s comfortable.

There can never be enough layers in my book.  So, once you have decided on the basics like a good mattress and the style of headboard you prefer, you can then start to add the luxurious details.

1. Nothing beats the feel of natural cotton or linen for sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases.  The higher the cotton thread count, the more expensive but also the most indulgent.  Buy the best you can afford.  There is a huge range at Yorkshire Linen.

House Beautiful - Bedroom Layers [3] Photograph by Ngoc Minh Ngo

2. The number of pillows is down to personal choice but always have an extra one for when you are sitting up in bed.  There’s something very comforting (and supportive) about having a mound of pillows to lie back on.

House Beautiful - Bedroom Layers [1] Photograph by William Abranowicz

3. A throw or two at the end of the bed is more than just decorative.  Think of those afternoon naps when you want to ward off the chill without actually getting into bed?  A throw is great for snuggling under and on those extra chilly nights is an extra warm layer.

House Beautiful - Bedroom Layers [4] Photograph by Reed Davis

4. Extra decorative pillows.  Just because they add the finishing touch to a well dressed bed.  They can add colour, pattern and texture to a room and yes, you do have to throw them off when you get into bed at night but they are so worth it.

House Beautiful - Bedroom Layers [2] Photograph by Jonny Valiant

5. A bedside rug.  To wriggle the toes in on those cold winter mornings.

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    February 28, 2013

    Pictures are looking so cozy and warm


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