5 Good Reasons to Have Fitted Wardrobes

I’ve done quite a few bedroom renovations and I veer from freestanding to fitted wardrobes, and back again, on a regular basis. But on a practical level I have to say nothing beats a custom built, walk-in wardrobe. Even the guys get excited at the prospect!

We don’t all need a space the size of some of the glamorous closets pictured here but a well designed space will have many benefits as well as making us very happy.

1. It frees up space in the bedroom to make a clutter free, relaxing room for sleeping only and recharging the batteries. There’s nothing quite as calming as tidy room.

The ultimate walk-ins via Elle Decor [1]

2. It makes getting dressed in the morning a quicker and more efficient process. No hunting round for the matching handbag or the right accessory.

The ultimate walk-ins via Elle Decor [2]

3. It means you will wear more of your wardrobe on a regular basis because you can see exactly what you have. How often have you found something at the bottom of the wardrobe you had completely forgotten about?

The ultimate walk-ins via Elle Decor [3]

4. Everything out on show is a good incentive to keep your items tidy and in good condition. You are more likely to get things cleaned and buttons replaced if there is a constant reminder that they need doing.

The ultimate walk-ins via Elle Decor [4]

5. A custom built wardrobe will maximise the space you have and with good planning will accommodate all of your possessions from most frequently used, (easily accessible) to out of season clothes and less used items on the top shelves.

Contemporary fitted wardrobes in London including luxury walk-ins, available from Urban Wardrobes.

All images from Elle Decor



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    Maryam in Marrakech

    July 2, 2014

    This is seriously my dream! I can’t think of what I want and need more right now than a beautifully organized wardrobe/dressing area!


    • Reply


      July 2, 2014

      Hi Maryam, I kinda thought you would already have one lol. Hope you’re well my lovely xx

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    June 26, 2014

    Number 6. It looks better 🙂


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