5 Good Reasons to Add a Rug to Every Room

I can’t help it. I love rugs almost as much as I love wallpaper. And here’s why.

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  1. A rug can introduce pattern into a room. It can be subtle or it can make a real statement depending on how bold you want to be, but as a rug generally covers a large area it can never be ignored. It doesn’t have to be the only pattern in a room, but if you intend to mix things up bohemian style, make sure that it has something in common with other colours in the scheme or is a different scale to other patterns.

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2. A rug can add a real punch of colour. The fashion for overdyed rugs is a real favourite of mine. Traditional style rugs that have been dyed in bright colours. I love them. But you don’t have to be so brave. A rug is a good way to pull together all of the other colours in a room or emphasise an accent colour.

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3. Open plan rooms can sometimes be tricky to furnish with fewer walls to designate different areas. Throw in a few rugs and the problem is solved. One under the seating area (don’t forget that the rug should be large enough to go under the furniture, or at least partially. There’s nothing worse than a rug floating in the middle of a room or space), one under the dining table and chairs, and the furniture will be miraculously anchored to the floor and each area will look lots cosier. In very large open plan spaces you can even layer rugs or use large area rugs in conjunction with runners to indicate and help with traffic flow.

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4. The other most important thing to make a scheme look warm and lived in after colour and pattern is texture. And what could add texture better than a rug? A Beni Ourain rug is top of my wish list personally because it just looks so soft and inviting to walk on barefoot but there are lots of other rugs that can add texture to a room. There’s even a trend at the moment for rugs that look as though they have been knitted and they are fabulous.

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5. And probably most important of all a rug is a great way of showing personality. So whether you go for bright and bold, or soft, neutral and tufted, a rug is going to say to your visitors ‘look at me!’ I’m a witty/sensual/romantic/no nonsense/modern room.

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January 16, 2014



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    Deco Review

    January 18, 2014

    Your forgot to mention the main reason. What about the warmth it provides? Imagine walking in a bare and cold floor on a winter morning!!

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    January 17, 2014

    I love rugs. I think that they are absolutely necessary in a room!!


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