5 Good Reasons for Buying a New Table Lamp

I can’t bang on enough about how much rooms need table lamps. Notice I said lamps in plural, because one is never enough. It depends on the size of the room exactly how many you need, but at the very minimum I’d say three. Hands up if you agree. Right, that’s that sorted. So now I’ll tell you why it’s always a good idea to add a table lamp.

A Table Lamp Creates Little Pockets of Cosiness in a Room

A Table Lamp provides little pockets of cosiness in a room

Verdura Table Lamp. With Ocean Parchment Shade.

Yes, that’s right. Rooms just look more comfortable and welcoming with a trio of lamps dotted around. What’s the point of a soft squishy armchair and a handy little side table, without a table lamp? It’s the perfect spot to relax with a drink and a good book. With the lamp lit, there is no need to get up any time soon. Unless it’s to refresh your glass of wine or make another cup of tea.

A Sideboard Just Looks Bare Without a Table Lamp

A Sideboard Just Looks Bare Without a Table Lamp

Nellie Table Lamp In Mootard. With 40cm Straight Empire In Papaya Parchment.

Wouldn’t you agree? It’s the perfect accessory to add a little height and light to a display of personal mementos. Not to mention some colour, shape and pattern if you decide to go for a jazzy lampshade. Add a piece of art at the other end of the sideboard and you have created the perfect balance of colour and interest. Plonk down some flowers or a houseplant and your friends will think you’ve taken a course in styling. Tell them you have.

A Hall Needs to Look Welcoming for Guests

A Hall Needs a table lamp to Look Welcoming for Guests

Crescent Table Lamp In Black Marble. With 30cm Vellum Shade.

And what better welcome than the soft glow of a shaded lamp? It’s much more flattering than the glare of the overhead pendant light. For you I mean. You don’t want to scare your guests off before they’re over the threshold do you? If you’re lucky enough to have the space for a sideboard or console table, see point 2 (above). If you only have a shelf, just choose a smaller lamp, or better still two.

A Bedroom Needs to Look Romantic

A Bedroom Needs a table lamp to look romantic

Cosmo Table Lamp. With Straight Empire Shade In Blue Block Printed Cotton.

Of course it does. And if you’re not feeling romantic you need a table lamp to read that book. A bedside lamp on each side of the bed is a must if you don’t want arguments about who’s turning out the lights. And there’s nothing nicer than ending the day burrowed down among the pillows with nothing more to do than flick the switch.

It’s the Perfect Excuse to Go a Little Wild

A new table lamp is the perfect excuse to experiment with colour

Shiltern Table Lamp. With Empire Shade In Pink Block Printed Cotton.

Go on, step out of your comfort zone. There’s so much choice for table lamps, why not experiment a little with colour and style. A brightly coloured lampshade can provide a welcome punch of color in an otherwise neutral scheme. Or choose an unusual shape. Just for fun.

Here’s Some More Reasons for Buying a New Table Lamp

 Some More Reasons for Buying a New Table Lamp

  1. Antoinette Table Lamp in Mercurised Glass, with 36cm Drum Shade in Taupe Silk.
  2. Calypso Table Lamp in a Turquoise Glaze, with 40cm Straight Empire Shade in Red Silk.
  3. Lola Table Lamp in Blue, with 50cm Tapered Drum Shade in Ivory Silk.
  4. Larger Wisteria Table Lamp in Clear Glass, 45cm Straight Empire Shade in Golden Block Printed Cotton.
  5. Larger Trafalgar Table Lamp in Antique Bronze, with 40cm Straight Empire Shade in Black Zig Zag Silk Ikat.
  6. Alvie Table Lamp in Mercurised Glass, with 50cm Straight Empire Shade in Black Block Printed Cotton.
  7. Lucas Table Lamp in Red and Orange, with 30cm Empire Red Silk Ikat.
  8. Nellie Table Lamp in an Emerald Glaze, with 35cm Straight Empire Shade in Green Block Printed Cotton.
  9. Verona Table Lamp in Burnt, with 40cm Straight Empire Shade in Grey Ferns Block Printed Cotton.

All table lamps shown are from Pooky.


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