4 Sure Ways to Warm Up the Living Room for Winter

4 Sure Ways to Warm Up the Living Room this Winter

In an ideal world we’d all have a big roaring fire to cosy-up in front of this winter. We’d have toasty toes, a warm glow permeating the entire room, and the crackling of the logs would be music to our ears. We’d be enjoying the evocative smell of burning logs and only moving from our armchairs when we needed to stir the embers and throw on some more fuel. In an ideal world. In the real world of modern interiors and small space living this is not always an option. But there are still ways we can make our living spaces warm and inviting for the winter months ahead.

Layer up the textiles with chunky knits and furs

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Layer Up

No I don’t mean by putting on another cardi. There’s nothing nicer than sinking into a sofa that is piled high with soft cushions and cosy throws. It’s time to ramp up the texture volume and bring out the furs and chunky knits. Add another rug to the floor too. What could be more inviting than the sight of all that softness keeping drafts at bay. Not to mention the thought of wriggling toes into a plush sheepskin.


Keep It Dark

It’s a fact that dark rooms look more cosy. There’s still time to get out the paintbrushes and add some deep colour to the walls. It’s bang-on-trend to cover walls, skirtings, window frames and even ceilings in an enveloping shade and it will look even better once the sun goes down.

Texture, candles and Things you Love

Home Essentials Range from Lorraine at Home, J D Williams.

Create Pools of Soft Light

Now you have a dark, dramatic room with lots of lovely soft textures it’s time to create warming pools of light. Scatter table lamps around the room. On every surface if you can. And put dimmer switches on them so that you can control the light. You might want a brighter light for a good-ole read but the rest of the time you’ll just want a soft glow. And use candles too. The flicker of the flame is comforting and so is the smell. Just don’t leave them alight when you leave the room.

Surround Yourself with Things You Love

All from George Home.

Surround Yourself With Things You Love

By now you’ll not want to move unless you absolutely have to. So surround yourself with everything you need at arms length. A side table to rest your drink, piles of winter reading, a box set or two and a scented candle to make sure all the senses are engaged.

See you next spring.




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