4 Excellent Reasons For Using the New ‘Hello Time’ Life Planner in 2018

I’m a pretty organised person as a rule. I love a list. I have lists for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!

I keep an electronic diary (1) for my daily to-do list, a notebook (2) for design jobs, a notebook (3) for blog post ideas, and a notebook (4) for the country cottage. I even have a notebook (5) for things I need to buy for the house! That’s not even counting the Apps on my phone. Such as the App to record my daily calories. And the other App to measure my daily steps. I even use my ‘notes’ App to remind me to make a new list for heavens sake. Which means I spend a lot of time checking each notebook, and each App on a daily basis. Or worse still, not checking, and letting things fall through the cracks.

4 Excellent Reasons For Using the New 'Hello Time' Life Planner in 2018

So when I was sent a ‘Hello Time’ Life Planner I knew that this was the year to finally get all of my lists in one place, get more organised, AND learn to use my time better. Five days into the New Year I’m getting into a new routine of writing everything down in my neatest handwriting on crisp white pages, and into the habit of checking it and adding to it throughout the day.

Why a Life Planner I hear you ask?

4 Excellent Reasons For Using the New 'Hello Time' Life Planner in 2018

Writing Things Down Helps You to Remember Them

It’s a fact that we remember things for longer when we have physically written them down. That’s why we write copious notes when we are studying for exams, and why we often write a shopping list but actually never really need to refer to it while we’re out. Typing things into our computer, or onto our phone works just as well, but somehow writing it down on paper with an actual pen works better for me. Also, I find it far too easy on the computer to move things into the next day when I’ve run out of time. I don’t forget things that way, but I’m not really achieving as much as I think. When it’s written in a planner, I’m hoping I’ll just get on and do it instead of putting it off. I’ll let you know how it goes with that one.

4 Excellent Reasons For Using the New 'Hello Time' Life Planner in 2018

Having Everything Written Down in One Notebook Saves Time

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gone to a meeting with the wrong notebook. Or the number of times I run up and down the stairs at home looking for the correct one. The Hello Time Life Planner is not small, and it’s not light, but somehow its attractive debossed cloth cover and weighty bulk make it more than comfortable to tuck under the arm. And I’m certainly not going to be wasting time looking for a small notebook in the bottom of my overfilled work bag any more.

Inside it has week-to-view diary pages, monthly planners, pages for notes, graph paper, plain pages for sketching and a double ribbon bookmark to help you keep your place. Everything you need in fact organised into sections for easy reference later.

4 Excellent Reasons For Using the New 'Hello Time' Life Planner in 2018

Giving Yourself Goals Helps You to Achieve Them

One thing this planner has that I’ve not used before is a place to write down goals and plans of action. Not that I haven’t had goals before, of course I have. But it’s all too easy to let them slip and slide if you don’t write them down somewhere. I’m feeling motivated just looking at the pages that prompt you to list your plans, your strategy, any obstacles (self created mostly), the details of the plan, and how you are going to measure success. And having a plan written down is not just a reminder to work towards it, but also a record that can be adapted and changed as times change and goals alter.

4 Excellent Reasons For Using the New 'Hello Time' Life Planner in 2018

A Notebook Can Be Inspirational In Itself

Do you ever find it hard to write the first lines in a new notebook? I can’t be the only one. It’s as if you don’t want to dirty the clean pages or make them untidy. Well, that’s what happens when you have clean blank pages. The Hello Time Life Planner has different layouts and illustrations through the book making it easy to fill in boxes and keeping even the untidiest handwritten notes neat. It also has motivational quotes throughout that help to spur you on and lovely highlights of soft plaster pink to match the ribbon bookmarks. What’s more, there are no dates on the diary sections so you can start where you like and at any time of the year.

The ‘Hello Time’ Life Planner is currently £29 and available here.

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