10 Essentials for Cosy Nights In

This post was originally published on 16th October 2015. Updated and republished 28th October 2021.

It’s one of the best things about autumn and winter. The weather can do its worst, but we can stay warm and cosy in our very own little sanctuaries (aka our living room). So, lets just surround ourselves with a few winter-warming essentials. Which might also read like a shopping list for the most used room in the house (lol), but comfort is key in my world.

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Let’s Take a Look

10 Essentials for Cosy Nights In

Image: Sugar Bum Even-sided Corner Sofa from Loaf.

1.A large sofa for snuggling up in front of the box. It’s where we spend the majority of our winter evenings after all! The size and shape of your room will dictate whether you need a corner sofa or a more traditional shape but it’s important to choose one that is comfortable and has plenty of room for all of the family to pile onto.

10 Essentials for Cosy Nights In

Image: Dark Seas Abstract Framed Canvas Art from Green Lili.

2.Plenty of cushions and throws. Not only do they make a room look cosier but throws particularly, are very welcome accessories when temperatures start to really drop. Faux fur and chunky knits are my personal favourites at this time of the year and the added advantage of these is that you don’t have to keep folding and re-folding them. They actually look better when casually strewn across the furniture or piled into a basket at the end of the night!

3.A coffee table that suits the proportions of your sofa and your room. It’s the best place to keep your favourite reading material, remote controls, and glasses to hand without the effort of leaving your seat. A perfectly styled coffee table can look stunning of course, but don’t forget its practical uses too. It’s not called a coffee table for nothing.

10 Essentials for Cosy Nights In

Image: Grace Painted Patterned Glass 1 Light Table Lamp with Shade from Laura Ashley.

4.Having a table lamp at the correct height and distance from your favourite chair is a must. Especially for those evenings when you just want to remove yourself from the rest of the family and curl up with a book. I love a proper shade if its proportions are large enough to throw light across the chair, but anglepoise lamps are very practical for task lighting and are not just confined to the office these days. And don’t just stick at one. Every room (depending on its size) should have several, and for me the optimum number is three.

10 Essentials for Cosy Nights In

Image: Kingston Armchair in Szépviz Stripe from Mind the Gap.

5.Everyone will thank you for a buttoned pouf or two. Tired feet need somewhere to perch after all.

10 Essentials for Cosy Nights In

Image: Silk Road Collection of Fabrics from ILiv.

6.A side table positioned next to the sofa or armchair is also a good idea for easy to reach glasses of wine or cups of tea. In fact you can’t have too many side tables in my mind, and if you have guests round they will be invaluable. They are also my favourite places to add a small vase of flowers or a plant at any time of the year.

10 Essentials for Cosy Nights In

Image: Lua Matt Black Metal Curve Table Lamp from Iconic Lights.

7.Rugs are often overlooked when furnishing a room and yet they can make all the difference. Not only do they help to delineate different areas in open plan spaces and large rooms, but they can add much needed texture, or pattern, or both. There’s nothing nicer than a thick, soft rug under the feet and they often look so inviting you might even occasionally choose to sit on the floor.

10 Essentials for Cosy Nights In

Image: Decades 60s Peace Carpet from Lifestyle Floors.

Now that the large items are all covered it’s time to start considering the smaller details.

8.Candles are essential too in my house. I love the soft glow they create, making a room look inviting and festive even on a week night. Even better if one of them is perfumed!

10 Essentials for Cosy Nights In

Image: Scented Candle from Burn Wild.

9 and 10.I’ve already mentioned flowers and plants but they are so important I’m going to drive that one home again. They make a room look alive. Large specimens and displays make a statement but my preference is for smaller vases of flowers dotted around the room, and for smaller house plants arranged together anywhere where there is plenty of light during the day.

All that remains now is to put a few more logs on the fire, choose something on Netflix and dive into the popcorn.


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    November 6, 2015

    Love your design style and 4th pic is my favorite. warm and cosy.

  2. Reply

    Lucie Morgan

    October 23, 2015

    The multi-coloured harlequin sofa is utterly gorgeous! It’s so different and gives the room real character – love it. Great post!

    • Reply


      October 25, 2015

      Thanks Lucie 🙂

  3. Reply


    October 17, 2015

    Can’t believe it’s cosy winter time again! Love that inky blue room with the cowhide xx

    • Reply


      October 19, 2015

      Me too my lovely! It’s been ages. Miss you 🙁 xx


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