Now this is one colour trend I can wholeheartedly buy into. Copper Blush is the 2015 colour of the year from Dulux and I love it.

Forget sugary pinks, or yesteryear’s bright fuchsias, this shade is for grownups.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2015 - Copper Blush

I have to say this is my preferred use of the colour. Paired with copper and other metallics, retro accessories and real wood.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2015 - Copper Blush [1]

But it does go surprisingly well with other, bolder pinks. Just remember to add some grey, as on this window-ledge otherwise it looks more nursery than boudoir.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2015 - Copper Blush [2]

And Marianne Shillingford, Design Director of Dulux advocates the use of yellow as an accent to give the room a surprising twist.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2015 - Copper Blush [3]

Do you like it?

Unashamedly feminine, these two new prints at Wonderwall can jump into my Christmas stocking right now!

They are the work of Stina Persson who fuses the traditional with a downright edgy look that is appreciated by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Absolut Vodka, Sony Music and Nike among other clients. She also illustrates for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle and her work has been exhibited in several shows in New York, Stockholm and Tokyo.
After 15 years spent in Japan, Italy and New York, she is now happily based in Stockholm, with her three sons, journalist husband and cat.

Stina Persson - LeKid

Le Kid

Stina Persson - YSL-kopia


Stina Persson - Le Kid

Both are 890 SEK (which is about £77) and can be shipped worldwide.

But hurry, they are both limited editions and when they are sold out, they are sold out forever.

Much as I love a monochrome palette, it can sometimes feel a little hard-edged and harsh. Especially in the greyness of the British winter. So, sometimes it just needs the addition of one other colour to warm it up and create a glow. What could be better than a soft pink?

This apartment in Stockholm has all the ingredients of a cosy nest. The black and white elements are softened by shades of pink, from the barest blush to full-on salmon. Continuing the colour scheme with just subtle variations from room to room gives a lovely continuity as you can see. The rooms used in the daytime – the dining and sitting rooms use colours from the  lighter end of the spectrum but the bedroom is dramatically dark.

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson [1]

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson [2]

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson [3]

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson [4]

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson [5]

Stockholm house photographed by  Kristofer Johnsson

I think I’ll move in.

Found on: My Scandinavian Home.

Interior: Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse. Architecture: Gert Wingårdh. Photography: Kristofer Johnsson.

A friend of mine was so impressed by my bedroom mini-makeover last week she asked me to help her come up with a scheme for her own, as yet, undecorated bedroom. Her white walls were looking a bit too stark and she was keen to inject some old-fashioned femininity into the room. She’s a bachelorette so we had free reign to go overboard with flowers and pretty pink which according to the Homebase paint guide is one of the best colours for helping you go to bed relaxed and wake up refreshed each morning.

A Feminine Bedroom Scheme from Homebase

We started off with a delightfully nostalgic looking rambling rose wallpaper which will go on the wall behind the bed (I couldn’t quite persuade her to do four walls). Then to prevent the room looking too grannyish we added sheets and pillowcases in a coordinating green and a bold pink which will be mixed and matched. Next step was to add some pretty floral cushions and a cotton fringed white throw to finish off the bed.

Every romantic bedroom needs a crystal chandelier and a lamp to create a lovely glow. And finally we scouted around for some pretty glass and silver accessories for the dressing table.

As soon as funds allow, new bedroom furniture, a white sheepskin rug and white linen curtains will be added, but for now she’s very happy with her new things.

All products shown are from Homebase.

A Pastel Pink Christmas

December 18th, 2013 | Posted by deardesigner in Interior Design - (0 Comments)

Captivated by this image today.

photography by Lisa Cohen. styling by Indianna Foord for Country Style Australia

Pastel pink linen, peonies, mismatched china and pewter candlesticks create a romantic and non-traditional look that I absolutely love. Perfect for Christmas afternoon tea. Add tiny packages tied with velvet ribbon, a few shiny baubles, pour the Earl Grey and enjoy!

Silver, gold, pink, table setting for Christmas

Shop this look: 1 Mercury silver candlesticks 2 Pink linen napkin 3 Wedgewood Palladian teacup and saucer 4 Pink velvet ribbon 5 Baubles 6 Peony bowl 7 Wedgewood Palladian plates 8 Dipped cutlery

Main image: photography by Lisa Cohen, styling by Indianna Foord for Country Style Australia

A Masterpiece from Ikea

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I couldn’t resist showing you today this new item from the lovely people at Ikea.

silvakra hanging from ikea

Isn’t she beautiful?

With all the elegance of a fashion sketch in a soft pink watercolour and suspended from a pretty pink ribbon.

It’s the new SILVÅKRA wall hanging and it’s only £10!

And yes, that handsome chair is from Ikea too.

Don’t you just love em?

Stylist Camilla Krishnaswamy

September 24th, 2013 | Posted by deardesigner in Stylists - (3 Comments)

Two photographs today from the portfolio of Swedish stylist Camilla Krishnaswamy.

I was drawn to the colour palette initially. The soft wash of pink on the wooden wall.  The brighter, more pastel pink of the flowers.  The battered wooden table and steps.

But then, the different shades of green cut through all that cuteness and add contrast and bolder shapes.

I love it.

Camilla Krishnaswamy [1]

I love that it’s a two-dimensional moodboard.

The flowers may be fading in our gardens.  The greens may be turning brown and falling, but I will be pinning these images to my office pinboard to cheer up my winter.

Camilla Krishnaswamy [2]

Camilla Krishnaswamy

Hello lovelies.  I hope by now you’ve all read the latest issue of Heart Home magazine.  Did you see the feature on page 76?  Yes, it’s my house, photographed by the very talented Andrew Boyd.

I had a lot of comments about the very pink console table in my hall so I thought I’d tell you all about it.

I’ve had it for ever.  It’s nothing special.  Just a reproduction writing desk that I picked up in a junk shop to sit in that very spot.  For years it remained as it was, dark wood with a green leather inlay on the top, embossed with gold.  I bought the chair next to it almost at the same time and that also was dark wood with a cream silk seat.  All very traditional and very safe.

A couple of years ago I painted it gold and had some glass cut for the top to hide the green leather.  I painted the underside of the glass black and changed the knobs to black faceted ones to match.  It still didn’t seem to be right.

And then, with the prospect of the photo shoot looming I painted it pink. And hello!

The black and white photograph of Miami with the pink Cadillac, I picked up in Homesense and I painted the frame black.  The chair was next.  Black gloss paint and a  new seat fabric (a returnable fabric sample, that oops, I forgot to return) gave it a new lease of life and it became the home for the cushion I made at the Clarissa Hulse studio.

And there you have it.  Nothing cost very much but I am very proud of that little corner now and the pink table always makes me smile.

Oh, and just in case you’re hankering after something similar, here’s one you can buy.

Available from Alexander and Pearl.

Don’t say I never give you anything.

Desperately looking for some inspiration for a young lady’s bedroom.  The pink is non-negotiable.  The black is already there.

Am I the only one who messes around on polyvore instead of working?

Is it constructive time well spent?

Sources: here.

It may be so last year, (honeysuckle – Pantone colour of the year 2011) but I’m so not over it!

Anyone who knows me, knows that pink is my favourite colour, and this most saturated hue is my favourite pink of all.  But, a word of caution, never was the phrase ‘a little goes a long way’ more true.

Another overused phrase ‘less is more’ also happens to be true with this hot shade.  Use it as an accent.  It goes particularly well with white and all shades of grey.  I wouldn’t personally use it with the warmer neutrals such as beige and taupe.  But maybe that’s just me.

It’s such a statement colour and it works particularly well in unexpected places.  It’s not called shocking pink for nothing!

If you love it but can’t quite commit to it as a colour block, it looks stunning used in graphic patterns.  Looks particularly well with this polished wood too.

Of course you can easily use it on those soft furnishings that can easily replace next season.  But some might say you have committment problems?

And don’t feel that an accent colour has to be repeated around the room.  It can, but sometimes just one splash of colour is enough, especially in a small room.  More pink in this bathroom would look contrived and overdone.  A room should look as if it has evolved and that you haven’t tried too hard.

Another unexpected use of pink.  And paint can easily be changed when you are ready for a change.

It’s the perfect colour to soften and feminize a room.  All of the hard surfaces here, both glossy smooth and spiky look all the better for some soft, upholstered, buttoned hot pink!

So do I. So do I.

Sources:1 Harriet Anstruther 2 Our City Lights 3 York Wallcoverings 4 Micasa Revista 5 Apartmenttherapy 6 Michael Graydon 7 The Long and Short of it 8 Etsy

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