I always love a good nosey around Anthropologie. Shop or website. It’s a bit like travelling around the world without leaving the country. A home will always benefit from a collection of tribal art or a hand-woven throw from India. It’s the layers that make a house a home and give it a warmer personality. A bit pricey granted, but choose wisely and you’ll have pieces that you won’t see anywhere else.

Anthropologie Kalver Armchair £658

Take this linen and mango wood armchair. It’s a stand-out piece that’s just made for my bedroom. The hand-tufted back gives it an ethnic edge and the buttons give an extra element of interest. No wonder it retails at £658.

Anthropologie Textured Chevron Duvet £248

I always revert back to white for duvet covers and sheets but I love this light grey chevron textured one. Added bonus? I reckon you can get away without ironing it. £248.

Anthropologie Industrial Mirror Shelf £98 - £148

These metal framed mirrors would be perfect in a downstairs bathroom. My downstairs bathroom. Just big enough for guests to give themselves a once over and to hold a small vase of flowers and a bottle of perfume. £98 – £148.

Anthropologie Echo Treks Dessert Plates £14

These dessert plates would make great gifts for weddings or Christmas. £14.

Anthropologie Scrollwork Towel Collection £6 - £28

And last but not least on my lust list, these lovely textured towels. £6 – £28.

Worth saving up for.

Oka direct is always one of my go-to websites when I’m looking for something that is timeless and a little bit different.  They seem to source and design products that I love for myself and for clients.  Especially if the look we’re going for is one of agelessness and gives the impression that everything has been picked up from the four corners of the earth during a well-travelled life.  Which it has, but from the comfort of my armchair and without the hassles of shipping and taxes.

For spring they have put together four inspirational homes on the website and in their catalogue but the one I’m most drawn to is ‘Highlife’.  Here’s a taster.

oka highlife 3

oka living room get the look


oka dining room get the look


oka bedroom get the look

All products are available from Oka Direct.

Make an Entrance

October 4th, 2012 | Posted by deardesigner in Interior Design - (5 Comments)

I played around yesterday with a few concepts for the Barn entrance hall.  I think this is my favourite concept.  The room is not enormous; it has a flagstone floor and quite a lot of wood;  wood beams, a solid oak door and a rather handsome chunky wood staircase.  I wanted to avoid the obvious oak country furnishings and instead create something altogether more glamorous.

I think the silver tones are a good antidote to the brown, and the oversized mirror creates quite a statement as well as being practical.  I chose this console table because it echos both the curvy French furniture of the master bedroom and the metal touches in the lounge.  The coat hooks are a bit ‘hunting lodge’ and the skulls (yes, again!) are just a bit of fun.

It’s good to have something unexpected in an interior scheme, don’t you think?

Sources here.

Decorative Decorex

September 26th, 2012 | Posted by deardesigner in Events | Interior Design - (2 Comments)

Last week disappeared in a whirlwind of preparation for a last-minute photoshoot, the London Design Festival, Blogtour LDN, a Blogtour NYC reunion and that other stuff called real work.  And as always happens, I didn’t get to do half the things I really wanted to, let alone blog about them!

Vivienne Westwood

I have to mention Decorex International though, because for me it has become a little treat at the end of London Design Festival.  It’s like sinking into the bath after a long hectic day.  It feels more hushed somehow, more sedate and certainly more plush than many of the other events.  In reality it might be just as noisy, but as deep pile carpet deadens the constant chatter I often find myself lost in my own little world of glamour and indulgence.

Venetia Studium, English Home, Spina, We Are Front

I am drawn, magpie like to anything with a bit of glitter, a hint of sequins or a patina of gold.  The theatrical entrance, the opulence of the stands and the chink of champagne glasses tells me this is where I truly belong.  If only for a few hours.

Christopher Guy

And then, after I have traipsed back across London with very tired feet and sunk into a real hot bath, I can look back and think, yes, Decorex has done it again!

Branch (can’t find the url for this one, can anyone help me out?), Ecco Trading, Graham and Green, De La Cuona

Desperately looking for some inspiration for a young lady’s bedroom.  The pink is non-negotiable.  The black is already there.

Am I the only one who messes around on polyvore instead of working?

Is it constructive time well spent?

Sources: here.

I am feeling inspired today by the photograph top right.

How simple it is to make an effective display just using a few bits and bobs that you already have around the house – an old-fashioned coat rack, a treasured vintage nightdress, a few necklaces and an old mirror or two.  And it’s the casual arrangement that makes it work so well. 

It’s almost as if it were all hung there by accident.

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Who is the fairest of them all?

Why, sunburst mirrors of course.

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I get a lot of mail.  I mean A LOT!  First there’s my work mail, Heart Home magazine mail, personal mail and then my blog mail.  Not to mention Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.  I know it’s the same for all of us; we just seem to be bombarded with spam and requests for something or other every minute of the day and all night too.

So it takes something special to attract my attention these days, and a while ago I had an email from Laura at Loop the Loop which I bookmarked for later.  I’m so glad I did.

The website is just packed with beautiful vintage finds and homemade items for the home that are not only lovely to look at but useful too. 

And beautifully styled and photographed I might add!

 All it takes is a couple of warm sunny days for thoughts to start turning to the garden.  But it’s still too early to take this short reprieve for granted of course. 

So bring the garden in…


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Strangely drawn to dark beautiful black lately…

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