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Black Kitchen Inspiration from Vipp

There’s something very aesthetically pleasing about the black kitchen from Vipp. It looks modern but not sharp angled. Stylish but with no superfluous design details to detract the eye. It just looks solid and rather handsome. No gimmicks, no trends, just the bare essentials.

Classic Copenhagen apartment, Denmark.
It’s also been…

Any Colour As Long As It’s Black

As much as I’ve been enjoying decorating and furnishing the country cottage, I’m starting to feel that our main home is being neglected. It feels kinda weird at the moment to be splitting our time between two homes. One a country cottage. The other a modern town-house. Weird in…

Black Magic in the Bedroom

Oh, I am definitely tempted. Black walls in the bedroom. Dark, moody, intense. My bedroom is quite spacious with a sloping ceiling on two sides which will remain white, so I’m thinking I can get away with it.

Look how that white bedding pops against a black backdrop.

I must admit…