Tribal Art in the Home

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I must confess. This is an interior look I really like. A hint that the owner has travelled far and wide. Tasted a bit of the exotic. Explored. Ventured into the unknown. And nothing says it quite as loudly or as eloquently as an over-sized black and white portrait. Sometimes that is all it takes to turn a so-so room into one that speaks volumes. They can look stunning in a minimalist room and really give it a focal point. Or they can look atmospheric and mysterious in a room that is full of travel souvenirs, artifacts and collections.

The choice is yours.

Tribal Art via homebytribaldotcomau

Tribal Art via Traditional Home

Oliver Gordon for Heart Home magazine

Interior by Kelly Hoppen


I’ve always been a big fan of Deborah Bowness wallpapers. In fact when I looked back into my archives there are no fewer than three posts there showing wonderful diversity of design.

I do think however that to do the creations justice you really do need high ceilings, or at the very least large expanses of unadorned walls. Like great art, they need room to breath. Sadly, neither of these requirements exist in my modest sized townhouse. So I thought that was it. I’ll follow from afar, admire at trade shows, file in my ‘one day’ file.

But no. Deborah Bowness designs now come in miniature form. No less beautiful. Just as atmospheric.

Deborah Bowness Miniatures [2]

These beautiful prints are exact replicas of the Artists Collection of wallpapers and are one fifth of the size at 12 cms x 60 cms. They combine machine printing with hand silk screen printing and are mounted on greyboard ready to prop or hang on the wall. At £29 they would make lovely gifts.

Deborah Bowness Miniatures [1]

Deborah Bowness Miniatures [4]

Deborah Bowness Miniatures [3]

The special edition ‘Tree for Life’ miniature is £39.

Deborah Bowness Miniatures [5]

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Paper Swags by Deborah Bowness

The Standards Collection by Deborah Bowness

New Wallpapers by Deborah Bowness


Unashamedly feminine, these two new prints at Wonderwall can jump into my Christmas stocking right now!

They are the work of Stina Persson who fuses the traditional with a downright edgy look that is appreciated by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Absolut Vodka, Sony Music and Nike among other clients. She also illustrates for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle and her work has been exhibited in several shows in New York, Stockholm and Tokyo.
After 15 years spent in Japan, Italy and New York, she is now happily based in Stockholm, with her three sons, journalist husband and cat.

Stina Persson - LeKid

Le Kid

Stina Persson - YSL-kopia


Stina Persson - Le Kid

Both are 890 SEK (which is about £77) and can be shipped worldwide.

But hurry, they are both limited editions and when they are sold out, they are sold out forever.

One of the highlights of attending LDF for me these days is spotting designers and companies that are either new or have so far alluded me. Quite how I had failed to notice the Kristjana S Williams Studio up until now I’ll never know because her work is not exactly quiet. It is in fact an explosion of colour, strong graphic lines, intricate drawings and all manner of cavorting creatures. Whether it’s a wall mural, an upholstered chair, a cushion or a piece of art, you will see very intricate collages of materials that have been collected from Victorian engravings, photographs, found objects and real leaves and twigs.  A limited selection have been delicately adorned with gold leaf in order to create an utterly desirable and innovative piece of work.

Kristjana S Williams Studio - Red Parrot Tapestry Chair

Kristjana S Williams is first and foremost an artist whose experience spans illustration, interiors, fashion and design.  She is inspired by nature upon nature ‘the symmetry in all things living‘ which stems from her childhood growing up in Iceland.  As a child growing up with a stark landscape, she was always craving colour and natural wonders, and now looking back she admits she can see the true unique beauty in her homeland which adds ever more inspiration.

Kristjana S Williams Studio - Lear Blue Stripe

Kristjana S Williams Studio cushions


Kristjana S Williams Studio - House Plant Wall Mural

Kristjana S Williams Studio

Kristjana S Williams Studio

Last weekend it was the bedroom. This weekend it was the hall. Although I hesitate to call it that. It’s tiny. So tiny, I was in despair of ever finding a console table to fit it. That is, until I saw this one from Dwell. It fits perfectly, and it’s not too deep, so although it fills the space between the front door and the stairs it doesn’t block movement.

Entrance Hall Mini Makeover 002 - Dear Designers Blotg

In all honesty the console will probably have a mirror above it for those last minute hair and makeup checks but I was in too much of a hurry to style it to wait. It will also have some wallpaper some day but for now I’m quite happy with my mix of old art and new furniture and accessories.

Entrance Hall Mini Makeover 013 - Dear Designers Blog

The cactus vase and moroccan tea light holders (they come in a set of four) were also from Dwell and I love them.

Entrance Hall Mini Makeover 018 - Dear Designers Blog

And while I was on the website there were a few other things I decided I couldn’t live without, although they don’t have a permanent home yet…

Entrance Hall Mini Makeover 020 - Dear Designers Blog

Like this Abaca woven basket, goatskin cushion and lace cushion.

Entrance Hall Mini Makeover 026 - Dear Designers Blog

And this round stoneware bowl.

Which room will be next?

Of course I can’t move into a new house without creating new schemes! I’ve been toying with moodboards for the sitting room as it’s the room most in need of a re-think. I have some existing items that I do want to keep and I have plans for the tv wall that will have to wait for now as it will involve bespoke shelving. So, my shopping list at the moment is for a window treatment, new sofa, new rug, new coffee table and a pendant light. Oh, and I will have an existing armchair recovered in a gorgeous warm yellow. Not too extravagant I think.

Sitting Room Moodboard 1 - Dear Designers BlogSitting Room Moodboard 2 - Dear Designers BlogWest Elm coffee table - Dear Designers Blog

What do you think?

Not too sure about the wallpaper.

Sources: Next sofa. B & Q pendant light. Kelly Hoppen wallpaper via Graham & Brown. Etsy yellow cushion. Framed black and white photographs from Made.com. Karndean aged oak flooring. Plantation shutters from Stylish Shutters. Tray table from Wayfair. BHS chevron lampshade. Souk wool rug from Westelm. Cushion stack and black and white cushion from Niki Jones. Silver pedestal table from Chandeliers and Mirrors. Black Kartell lamp from John Lewis. Coffee table from West Elm.

I mentioned last week that we photographed the beautiful home of Jessica Zoob for the latest issue of Heart Home mag and hopefully by now you have all seen the feature.

Did you fall in love with her paintings?

jessica zoob at romo

Jessica works mainly with oils and each canvas is a result of building up and scraping back layers of paint. She admitted that some of her paintings took years to complete. Some are even embellished with crystal jewels, beads, pearls, metal disks or tiny shells. We were blown away by them!

jessica zoob at  romo 1

Well I’m very pleased to tell you lucky people that Romo are now producing wallpapers, fabrics and cushions in collaboration with Jessica in pure linen, soft cotton velvet and a wide-width, lightweight linen. Meticulous attention has been given to capturing the individual brushstrokes and layers of paint that add the depth and intrigue visible in her work. The fabric and wallcoverings will be launched next month at Paris Deco Off but the cushions are available to buy now online on the Romo Black Edition website.

jessica zoob at  romo 3

So now you can have your very own work of art!

jessica zoob at  romo 2

I have recently been exploring the idea of the Dream Painting, recalling the sensation of watching the sky with the mind free to create images in the cloud patterns. I tend to look for hope and redemption by celebrating beauty in its various forms, be it in urban decay, a Hebridean storm, or a butterfly’s wing.” Jessica Zoob.

And they are dreamy.

What else would I post about on Halloween?

I make no secret of the fact that I like skulls and the best collection around by far, can be found on one of my favourite websites.

Rockett St George.

Rockett St George does skulls [1]

Rockett St George does skulls [2]

Rockett St George does skulls [3]

Have a spooky Halloween everyone!

A Masterpiece from Ikea

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I couldn’t resist showing you today this new item from the lovely people at Ikea.

silvakra hanging from ikea

Isn’t she beautiful?

With all the elegance of a fashion sketch in a soft pink watercolour and suspended from a pretty pink ribbon.

It’s the new SILVÅKRA wall hanging and it’s only £10!

And yes, that handsome chair is from Ikea too.

Don’t you just love em?

What’s On Your Wall?

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I’ve been looking at a lot of new build houses lately and lovely as they are, they do leave the new house owner with a lot of blank white walls to fill.  And I have to confess I am a bit allergic to blank white walls; not only in new build homes but in any home.

So, I was very happy to come across Whats On Your Wall who produce a vast selection of canvas art prints that cover a huge range of subjects from Banksy graffiti to cityscapes through to abstract colour explosions and heavenly sunsets.  All without breaking the bank!

A few of my favourites….

abstract-cocktails-neon-sign-colour-size-from Whats on your Wall

This would look amazing in a modern penthouse or a loft type apartment.

icon-audrey-hepburn-pink-from Whats on your Wall

Audrey is every girl’s favourite.  For the more feminine home I think.

york-brooklyn-bridge-colour-maroon-from Whats on your wall

Another one for the modern home and I like this one because it is not the usual view of Manhattan.  Lovely colours too.

scenic-water-wave-colour-blue-from Whats on your wall

And it all of these are a bit too hard edged and modern for you, how about crashing waves.  This one would suit a more traditional type home too.

abstract-graffiti-cuts-posters-from Whats on your Wall

And I couldn’t resist this one of graffiti and torn posters.  Very edgy and urban, don’t you think?

All of the posters come ready to hang and they will also turn your own photographs into canvas art too.

So what’s on your wall?

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