So much to love in M&S this spring.


Team green walls with a metal console table, a nature inspired table lamp and black framed prints for a very smart and welcoming hall. Add books and lots of house plants to bring it all alive. I love the vase full of leaves instead of flowers. Simple, yet so effective.


Team blue walls with a white glossy floor and understated furniture and accessories. Warm it up with a textured rug and soft upholstered furniture. It’s an uncomplicated but sophisticated look.


Team yellow walls this time with a geometric print and interestingly shaped pedestal tables. The splashes of white in the lampshade, vase and armchair print keep the look contemporary and young. The textured rug adds yet more interest.


I love the shape of this bookcase and the way the red pendants pop against the white walls. An office or workspace decorated in this way would be uplifting and wouldn’t be distracting.

All items from the M&S Spring, Summer ranges.


Fans of Marimekko designs will love the new wallpapers and wall panels available at Gallerie Wallcoverings.

Marimekko Wall Panels from Galerie Wallcoverings

The wall panels are my favourites. Just like enormous works of art. Because lets face it, Marimekko patterns are not for the faint hearted and sometimes less is more. But having said that, the design above is fabulous especially against all of the white and wood elements. A garden in the dining room without the hassle of watering.

And there is more…

Marimekko Wall Panels from Galerie Wallcoverings 1

The wallpapers are just a little bit more subtle. My favourites…

Marimekko Wallpapers from Galerie Wallcoverings 2

Green is so fresh. I love this.

Marimekko Wallpapers from Galerie Wallcoverings 3

And the blue is so calming. I love this too.

And there’s more…

Marimekko Wallpapers from Galerie Wallcoverings

Which is your favourite?

Live Like Dwell

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I’ve been taking a close look at the spring/summer collection over at Dwell and I’m really liking what I see.

There has always been a fun, playful element to the collections previously, and that still is apparent, but so is a more mature approach that can be seen creeping in. There are lots of natural elements – wood, leather, solid marble, as well as some bold colour-blocking and some reinvented classics too.

But the products just speak for themselves.

Dwell Spring, Summer 2014, Colour

 This colourful selection is just perfect for injecting a bit of life and spring colour into a room. The mustard yellow sideboard has more than a hint of retro styling and the green gloss lacquer patch sideboard would also provide a home for all manner of paraphernalia. You can never have too much storage! And Dwell has always provided lots of storage options throughout their collections.

Dwell Spring, Summer 2014, Leather Dining Chairs

I particularly love these leather dining chairs. They take just enough inspiration from a classic design and turn it into a comfy option for long leisurely lunches and dinners. They would make good office chairs too.

Dwell Spring, Summer 2014, Natural

But these are the natural products that really get my juices flowing. One or two of them, might in fact be coming home. Especially the woven basket and the moroccan tea light holders. Just my thing.

Dwell Spring, Summer 2014, Cushions

All products are available now or very soon from Dwell.

I’ve always been a white cotton sheets girl when it came to bed linen but I’ve been doing a little research into the benefits of silk and I’m also a kinda generous person so I’m going to share.

gingerlily.co.uk silk bed linen 1

First off, silk unlike cotton, does not absorb moisture from the skin and hair due to its high protein content so it helps to keep hair glossy and skin soft, which also helps to prevent facial lines. That’s a good enough reason to swap to silk for me!

gingerlily.co.uk silk bed linen 2

It also adjusts to individual body temperature and is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. There you go; reasons two and three.

Made from the finest ‘A’ grade mulberry silk, Gingerlily’s silk bed linen is wonderfully soft and seamless with a subtle sheen.

gingerlily.co.uk silk bed linen 3

And if you are still not persuaded just look at how beautiful it is!

To care for your silk bed linen, hand wash cool or machine wash at 30 degrees using a mild silk detergent. Cool tumble dry or air dry. 

A Muted Colour Palette

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I was asked to choose an image at the weekend that portrayed my ideal room. How hard can that be with thousands of favourites on my pinterest boards? Or so I thought. In fact it took far too long to choose. Yes, I have thousands pinned, but to choose just one that summed up everything that I would wish for was harder than I thought.

In the end I opted for this one from the portfolio of stylist Kim Timmerman.

A Muted Palette from the portfolio of Kim Timmerman

It might not be my favourite tomorrow, but for now I would be quite happy to snuggle up on that sofa with a good book, sip coffee, nibble biscuits and just enjoy the abundant light.

What makes if so appealing?

I think it has a lot to do with the light. The muted colour palette where nothing shouts too loud. The texture of the rug. And the built-in shelves where I could spend hours arranging and re-arranging to my hearts content.

A Muted Palette from the portfolio of Kim Timmerman 3

The rest of the house isn’t too bad either. The same colour palette carries on into the kitchen and so does the northern light. It just has to be in Scandinavia.

A Muted Palette from the portfolio of Kim Timmerman 2

I love a good collection and this would be a great place to work.

And this moodboard just about sums up why the colours work.

A Muted Palette from the portfolio of Kim Timmerman 4

Concrete, metal, glass, porcelain and wood. Greys, white, silver and brown.

Yes for now I love these colours, surfaces and textures.

Tomorrow will be another day.

There’s something about the sight of rabbits and hares at this time of year. It’s a firm reminder that spring is just around the corner even if the temperatures outside are icy. So when I saw the newly opened website of RawXclusive I couldn’t resist all of the cavorting animals.

Perfect for adding a crisp breath of fresh air to the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom and let’s face it, any room in the house.

Rawxclusive.co.uk animals teatowel and oven mitt.

Rawxclusive.co.uk birds cosmetic bags

Rawxclusive.co.uk boxing hares coasters and placemats

Rawxclusive.co.uk bunnies pencil case

Rawxclusive.co.uk stags coasters and placemats

RawXclusive was founded by Award Winning designer Rebecca Anne Winter to showcase and sell her collection of bespoke home accessories to both the trade and retail market. Every design has been created using both photography and hand sketching techniques which then carefully transfer to sumptuous crisp English linen as well as other surfaces using both digital and hand pulled screen printed techniques. All of their products are designed, printed and manufactured in the UK.

I think it must be true that all artist’s have beautiful homes.

This one belongs to Marcella Kaspar and her architect husband Mark Cooper who gambled on buying a dilapidated house in the seaside suburb of Coogee, Australia. The old house was demolished and they built a new home around a central courtyard and pool.  But it was the charcoal walls that first drew me in and the way they are the perfect backdrop for Marcella’s work.  And then it was the crystal and glass. And then it was the colours.

An Artists House in Australia via Living Design 2

The cushions on the linen sofa were stitched by the artist from Japanese fabrics and the colours perfectly compliment the peony painting, the crystal droplets and the glass on the coffee table, but none of it looks contrived. It just happens to be a collection of loved objects. Or so it seems.

An Artists House in Australia via Living Design 3

The kitchen also, if you take each of the individual elements, shouldn’t work. The pale wood of the kitchen table, bench and pendant lights should be at odds with the crystal chandelier, the glossy ceiling and the ornate dining table. Yet they all seem to work together.

The dark walls and the absence of any bright colours just seem to pull it all together.

An Artists House in Australia via Living Design 1

I think the old lesson of buying what you love, and it will somehow work, couldn’t be more true.

Images via Living Design 

Linn Warme Wall Murals

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Sometimes you don’t want to cover the entire wall with colour and pattern. Sometimes you just want a design that acts as a focal point in much the same way as a piece of art. Or a feature wall that doesn’t shout too loud. And that’s what I like about these beautiful designs from Linn Warme.

Linn Warme Wallpaper Designs - Brother Dear

Brother Dear

Linn is a newly graduated Swedish artist and pattern designer and this is her first ever wallpaper collection. She begins each design with a pen drawing on paper – in her own words – “In my imagination the nature grows wild, with my hands I try to illustrate the feeling in my head, the feeling and calmness the forest gives me. But also the joy of the colorful world that exists outside our houses. I love the playfulness of creating, being able to do anything, to play with proportions and content. To create small details that you can discover and explore to infinity”.

Linn Warme Wallpaper Designs - In the forest lives...

In the forest live…

It’s the attention to detail that makes her work so interesting and alive.

Linn Warme Wallpaper Designs - Three Dears

Three Dears

I think this might be my favourite. This fun illustration of three deers covered in different patterns inspired by the Brothers Grimm saga “Town Musicians of Bremen”. Wouldn’t it look fabulous in a nursery? Or then again, it would look just as good at the top of my stairs.

Linn Warme Wallpaper Designs - Animal Symetry

Animal Symmetry

Available from Rebelwalls who ship worldwide and many other stockists.

A place to de-stress, relax and re-charge. I do like a bedroom to be calm and enveloping. The TV is banned and so is clutter.

So what makes the ideal relaxing bedroom?

Jon Day for Heart Home mag - Styled by Elkie Brown

A comfy bed. First and foremost. I’ve tried most types of headboard and the one I favour most now is the one that has padding of some kind. There is nothing quite like it for comfort when sitting in bed with a night time book or an early morning cuppa. Add to that a warm duvet, duck down pillows and a throw or two for the chillier nights.

Rue Magazine

A handy bedside table. One that is big enough to hold a lamp, a clock, a book, hand cream and a small vase of flowers. It if has a drawer or cupboard to hide the other little bits and pieces that seem to accumulate here all the better.

Skona Hem

A good reading lamp. One that is bright enough to read by but doesn’t cause too much glare. Height is the secret here or a good shade. I have a guilty secret. I tend to turn the lamp on just to make the room look cosy as I walk in and out in the evening. It’s another comfort thing.

French Connection

Something soft to walk on. A carpet or rug with a deep pile is best. Not only is it so much better for frozen toes but it also softens all sounds.

Photographer Dane Tashima

Daylight and fresh air. I know some people like to use blackout curtains but I like to be woken up by the sun, preferably with the curtains wafting in a warm breeze.

Andrew Boyd for Heart Home mag - Home of stylist Claire Morgan

A few favourite things. The bedroom is the place that we can display the things that just make us happy. There doesn’t have to be a colours scheme or theme. We can mix heirlooms, family photo’s and the presents from the children with our favourite perfume, our valentines gifts and jewellery we don’t wear but can’t throw away. The more the merrier, just so long as it makes us smile.

So what makes a relaxing bedroom for you?

Image sources:1 Heart Home magazine 2 Rue Mag 3 Skona Hem 4 French Connection Home 5 Dane Tashima 6 Heart Home magazine


Can’t get enough of this trend. Untreated wood, metal and rivets. And trust Made.com to get it so spot on.

Inspired by vintage designs they have a new collection that would fit right in with that ‘loft living’ look.

Made.com Rankin Desk

The Rankin Desk in black metal is £299. The typical high street price is £525.

Made.com Caddy Drinks Storage

The Caddy Drinks Storage in natural mango wood and metal is £399. The typical high street price is £599.

Made.com Broadway Lamp

The Broadway Floor Lamp is £129. Typical high street price is £330.

Made.com ABC Storage Unit

The ABC Storage Unit, a bold apothecary style sideboard in natural mango wood is £399. Typical high street price is £800.

Unbeatable style at unbeatable prices.

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